Pollyanna and the Tiny Squares That Took Over the World

Lyda here. The Resident Sith Master is spending the first part of this week at his dad’s for Spring Break, so I’m flying solo for a bit.

So last night, I pulled all the quilting supplies out of the closet again and set to work. I cut more squares of fabric for the Heart Quilt. “What a boring name.” Raise your hands, everyone who knows what that’s from.

I cut up the yellow and orange prints for the second heart of the quilt. I love these fabrics! Once again, I cut way more than needed, both so I could play around with the arrangement and so I can use them in other projects. I also cut one or two two-inch strips from each fabric, which I will use for a strip quilt someday. This idea is once again from one of the many quilting books I’ve read (don’t know which one, I’ll see if I can figure it out): Cut a two-inch strip of each fabric you use for every project, and after a while, you have a wide assortment of strips and can make a quilt out of them fairly quickly.

I of course had the Dread Cat Tommy’s assistance for last night’s work. He actually let me spread out the squares without destroying the pattern. He was definitely off his game. I came up with an arrangement I like, and then noticed it was 10:30 and way past my bedtime.

The best part of the whole night? The luxury of being able to leave everything out in the living room. Also, a local channel decided to re-run the series “Quantum Leap” from the beginning, and since I somehow missed out on most of this show, I enjoyed watching the premire episode which aired first in 1989. The hair! The episode was set in the 50s, but OMG the 80’s hair! So funny!

Tonight, I will cut the purples for the third and final heart. And then I need to pin all the rows together, and number them, so I can pick everything up off the floor before RSM comes home Wednesday. And then will come the sewing, lots and lots of sewing.

What a thrilling life I lead! I know ya’ll are jealous.

Don’t hate me because I’m exciting.


5 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Tiny Squares That Took Over the World

  1. Marin

    You’re cutting purples. Purples. I read it (thrice) as cutting puppies. But I knew you wouldn’t be doing that. Oh, the disconnect…

    No idea where “what a boring name” comes from. Am I going to smack myself when I find out?

  2. lyda Post author

    You are right, I would never cut puppies. I can edit it to read “violets” if you want, but then you will look for photos of the bouquet.

    Yes, you are going to smack yourself. It’s from one of the fives books of “the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy” by an author who liked to take a lot of baths to avoid writing (and who is sadly dead now). (I think it’s in the third book.) Before it was books, it was a radio play and then a TV show in Britain.

    If you can’t get it from all those hints, I’ll tell you the line before the quote:

    “And I shall name this computer unto you, and it shall be called: Earth.”

  3. lyda Post author

    What a relief. I knew you knew it. It is a bit of an obscure quote from it, not like “42” or “Don’t Panic.”

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