Pollyanna Swears “No puppies were harmed in the making of this quilt”

Lyda here. Ya’ll will understand this post title if you read Marin‘s comment on yesterday’s post. (Ah, self-referencing, doncha love it?!)

Last night I did indeed cut out the purples – er, the violets – um, the fabrics of the color beyond blue.  NO PUPPIES. And arranged the squares to my liking for the third and final heart of the Heart Quilt.

Yesterday I said about the name: “What a dull name.”

And only Marin guessed where that is from. No one else even commented.

“You make me sad.” Do ya know where THAT is from?? Different than “What a dull name.” But both British.

Ya’ll, I gave hints in my comments. And still nothing. If you don’t get it, I shall despair. Time to read it again, people!  Yes, there may be a pop quiz. Yes, this will be on the final.

But I digress…

All this quilt progress took place while I watched TV, of course. Including the second episode of “Quantum Leap” – which was the second half of the series opening two-parter (I watched the first part Monday night, there’s a link in yesterday’s post to the Wikipedia listing for the show). The 80s hair was less noticable this time, because the guys were all wearing baseball caps and the only women were in the crowd scenes.

The best part of all this time to myself is: ALL OF THE QUILT SQUARES ARE NOW CUT AND ARRANGED. “And there was much rejoicing.”  Last night, the whole quilt was spread out on my living room floor in all its colorful glory. The pattern is shown on the cover of this book. I love this book.

Without any puppies being involved in any way.

Just one rather pissed cat. I think he’s jealous of all the time I’m spending with fabric, which he believes should be spent petting and playing with a certain Sith Apprentice Cat. He’s been bored this week because the Resident Sith Master is still at his dad’s. Tommy misses his Sith Master. So do I. That is the bad part about all this time to myself.

This morning I actually got up early – at least, earlier than I have been getting up lately, not at the crack of dawn or anything, I’m obsessed but I’m also lazy – so that I could spend some time admiring the quilt, and also pinning together more of the rows.

Again, the Dread Cat Tommy thought I should spend this quality time with him. Despite his claims, I did spend a lot of time petting him last night and this morning, and of course I did my regular duty as cat bed.  I sleep in the bed, he sleeps on me. And then wakes me up when he leaves. And then wakes me up when he comes back and wants petting. Repeat ad infinitum until the alarm goes off or I go completely around the bend. I told ya’ll he’s trying to drive me crazy. And it’s a short drive. Hardly worth getting the car out of the garage. It’d be just a stroll down the street at this point. An amble. A mere meander. Oh, I’m digressing again.

This morning I was sitting on a cushion on the floor, pinning together teeny tiny squares of brightly colored fabric. 

And I ran out of pins.

I need more pins.

I guess I could have used my big safety pins, but they are practically bigger than the little squares, and I don’t want to put big holes in the fabric.

So now, I have to sew some rows before I can pin more rows so I can sew more rows and then pin more rows…

A lot of teeny tiny squares. Over 600 little squares. Even I do not have 600 straight pins.

Remember how I started this project because I was going to do an EASIER project than the Prince Quilts?!?

Go ahead. Ya’ll can laugh at me now.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Swears “No puppies were harmed in the making of this quilt”

  1. annaliza

    Laughing commencing! And it’s been way too long since I read the “inaccurately named trilogy”. I needed the hints. (sigh)

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