Pollyanna Takes a Deep Breath – or tries to

Lyda here. No progress last night on the Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy Heart Quilt.” Because the Resident Sith Master is home! Hurray!!!

His first day home, and he had two friends come over for an all-day video game frenzy. Why, what did you do for Spring Break?  I worked late, and got home at 7:30 – and one friend was still there, so I went into my bedroom and watched a bit of TV and hung out with Tommy the Sith Apprentice cat. Who was noticably calmer now that his Master was home, which means I might live until the weekend.

I spent some time admiring the Heart Quilt layout which was on my floor, of course.

Once his friend left, I made RSM come admire the quilt too – which he pronounced cool but with way too many tiny pieces. Insightful, yes?  We had dinner, and I told him all about “Quantum Leap” so he was up to speed by the time it came on. In fact, I talked so much and so excitedly that he hardly got a word in edgewise. I missed him. We enjoyed watching the show together, and I got a little caught up in the “hugging my son” area. I waited until his friends were gone for the hugging. I be cool, dude.

This morning, I had an appointment with the nurse practitioner. She thinks I might have asthma, but for fun (ha), she ran an EKG too. (EKG okay, breathing not great.) So tonight I go to the drugstore to get an inhaler. If this keeps up, I will need a sherpa to carry all my meds. Shesh!

But asthma might explain a lot.

Obviously my brain is not getting enough oxygen.

It’s the only explanation for upteen-billion hours spent shredding perfectly good fabric into teeny tiny pieces.

It also explains why my Zombie Army hasn’t eaten my brain.

I thought it was loyalty.

No. It’s because my oxygen-deprived brain is not up to their exacting standards.

And the Dread Cat Tommy’s brain is too small to be even an appetizer.

As for the Zombie Army staying well away from my son’s healthy and no-doubt delicious brain…

Which part of “Sith Master” do ya’ll still not understand?

All of which means my Zombie Army will once again be prowling the streets tonight.

Ya’ll have been warned.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Takes a Deep Breath – or tries to

  1. Marin

    Here is why I think you would benefit from a move across the pointy, pointy mountains to the greater Denver/Longmont area:

    Like an immunisation with live bacteria, an extended stay in the high altitude and limited oxygen would strengthen your pulmonary system, rendering your inhaler unnecessary.

    And it hardly snowed here today at all.


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