Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Amateur Knitting Wrestler

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

While Lyda wrestles with her hundreds and hundreds of tiny fabric squares, I’m trying to do a little bit of FO-ing. I got out the Eris pullover and put one of the sleeves on DPNs so I can finish it. I only have to do the sleeves and blocking, and I’ve got a sweater, y’all! Of course, it’s mid-April now, and this nice, long-sleeved, fairly heavy wool sweater will probably get put away until next fall, but hey. It’ll be done, right? And if I get it done soon, there may be a few cool evenings I’ll be able to wear it before summer hits.

Only one problem. See, I knit the body and the upper part of the sleeves on a metal circular. And all of my DPNs are wood. Ahhhhhh, you say, you know what the problem is, don’t you? Yes, there is a visible difference in gauge between the row where I left off with the metal circ and where I picked up with the wooden DPNs. I should have anticipated this–I know perfectly well that different needle materials can affect gauge–but I forgot. And I have no size 4 DPNs. I asked Darlin’ K if he could see anything wrong with the sleeve. He said he didn’t see anything wrong, exactly, but he could see where the gauge change was.

So I have a few alternatives. I could say “fuck it” and keep going, and not worry at all about the gauge change. After all, this sweater has a number of little, um, glitches in it, and what’s one more? It’s still a very cool sweater and, really, only other knitters would notice.

Yeah. Other knitters. Will notice.

I could go get myself some size 4 DPNs, rip the sleeve back about an inch, and start from there with the new DPNs. Only, I don’t know if that will create the same problem, only with the gauge getting a bit smaller rather than a bit larger. And I’m also wondering if the change will, to some extent, block out. I don’t mean that blocking would make it disappear entirely, but if blocking would make the transition not so abrupt.

What I think I’ll do is go get size 4 DPNs and start on the other sleeve. And then I can compare the two and see which I like better. And then go from there. Only problem is, I don’t have an LYS handy that’s open on Sunday, and the one that’s close to work is closed on Monday. So I’ll have to wait until Tuesday night, at the earliest, to put my plan into action. But hey, can’t disappoint my commadres.

Oh well. I’ve cast on Pomatomus, and it’s a little tricky to get the pattern set at the beginning, but it’s coming out nicely. So instead of FO-ing, I’m starting yet another WIP. But it’s clearly the will of the universe that I do this, so why fight it?


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Amateur Knitting Wrestler

  1. lyda

    “it’s clearly the will of the universe” – well, yes, obviously. The universe wants us all to have lots and lots of WIPs.

    The universe is a knitter too. Just imagine what her stash is like!

  2. Marin

    Let me reiterate: if you pull each stitch as tight as it will go, your gauge will always be true, your stitches even.

    Who cares if you bend a few Addi Turbos along the way?

  3. annaliza Post author

    Wow, Marin, I have a mental image of you in a cape, wind blowing your hair, as you bend Addi turbos without even wincing … since I mostly knit on wood and bamboo, it would be more of a splintering than a bending.


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