Pollyanna Sews On

Lyda here. I came home Friday to a very clean home. The Resident Sith Master had vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, taken out the trash and recycling, and swept the concrete patio in the side garden. For good measure, he swept the front entryway too. I only asked him to sweep the patio – the rest he did on his own.

Get your own Sith Master. I’m keeping this one.

Saturday, I did my own chores (started the laundry, paid some bills, gave the bathroom a quick swipe or two, tended to the cat’s needs – you know, fun stuff) and then headed for my main event of the weekend: I pulled out the Increasingly Inaccurately Named ‘Easy’ Heart Quilt, and the sewing machine.

There are a lot of two-inch squares in this quilt. Have I mentioned that? 36 rows of 19 squares each. 684 squares, to be exact.

Six hundred eighty-four pieces.

For a quilt that will be 19 inches by 36 inches.

I am insane.

We went to a game store so RSM could use the gift card a friend had given him, and he got two new games. “Universe at War: Earth Assault” and “Viking: Battle for Asgard” – he says they are both really fun and he’s glad he got them. We also stopped for more pins at the fabric store – just in and out, I swear! Heh, that’s what he said.

Then home for games for him, and for me, pinning together the rest of the quilt rows – each row also has a piece of paper pinned to it with the row’s number on it – then stitching two-inch seams.

There will be over six hundred two-inch seams.

Completely and utterly bonkers.

I worked most of Saturday afternoon, and then got up fairly early this morning – at Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat’s insistence – and sewed some more.

The getting-up-early would not have been a problem; I usually get up early. Except… Anna-Liza called last night at 9 p.m. We were on the phone for… a while.

Past midnight.

Actually, past one.

Would you believe 1:30? And of course, 2:30 for her. Proving I’m not the only crazy Pollyanna.

And no, I’m not telling ya’ll what we talked about, although politics and sex and the politics of sex were all touched upon… along with eleventy-billion other things. And there was lots and lots of laughing, and lots of her wise and funny brillance.

Get your own BFF. I’m keeping this one.

The Dread Cat Tommy knew I’d been up really late, of course. Sleep deprivation is just one of his many torture techniques.

I tell ya’ll, he’s trying to kill me.

But I digress…

I am using a sewing technique called chain piecing that is well-suited to lots of tiny pieces. With chain piecing, I’m sewing one seam apiece in each of ten rows at a time. One could do more rows at a time, but they can get tangled together, and the weight of the fabric starts to pull at the thread.

I have completed ten rows so far.

I’m loving it. It’s going to be awesome.

Make your own Heart Quilt. I’m keeping this one.

Sing it, Patsy.



5 thoughts on “Pollyanna Sews On

  1. lyda Post author

    Marin, RSM is pretty much a free agent, so if you can talk him into it, you’re on. Of course, I will also have to accompany him to Colorado… hee hee

    Hint: You can probably bribe him with video games. (And by “probably” I mean, “definitely.”)

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