Pollyanna Invites You to Visit The Dark Side

Lyda here.

With trepidation for the safety of the galaxy  Proudly announcing the Resident Sith Master’s new blog, Blog of a Dark Lord. He plans to blog about video games – about playing them, reviewing them, and so on. It remains to be seen if Blog Obsession will run in the family…

Ya’ll go over and say “hey”, okay? Thanks!

But be careful, lest you be drawn into The Dark side

With RSM’s blog, the Dark Side continues to gain in strength.

That and they have cookiesHere’s the recipe in case you want to corrupt a Jedi or bribe a Fett.

I will never join the Dark Side.

But feel free to send cookies anyway… the Zombie Army gets peckish.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Invites You to Visit The Dark Side

  1. lyda Post author

    Well, as a Jedi apprentice, I was only lookin’ to infiltrate the Dark Side as a spy.


    The yarn and cookies had nothin’ to do with it…

    *walks away whistling off key*


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