Pollyanna Gets Graphic

funny graphs
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Ya’ll know this is Lyda, right? And I’m such a dork. Ya’ll will notice that once the percentage of zombies gets to 100, there is no terror because everyone is infected!

There will be blog posts this weekend, I hope. And renting of movies to share with ya’ll.

And definitely sewing teeny tiny seams to create rows and rows of fabric made up of teeny tiny squares… with the Dread Cat Tommy’s help of course.

And I plan on getting some more yarn for the scarf I’m going to make for the Resident Sith Master. He liked GAAE brother’s scarf a lot, so this one will be similar, but with fringe. Sith Masters apparently need fringe on their scarves. It probably relates in some way to their evil Force powers, so I didn’t ask.

Of course we live in Southern California, and he doesn’t really NEED a scarf, but maybe he’ll decide to go to college in one of those snowy states. Or take up skiing. Or something. Anyway, does a mom need a reason to knit her son a scarf? I think not. I know ya’ll will agree with that.

It’s going to be a fiber-licious weekend.


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