Pollyanna Row Row Rows The Quilt

Lyda here. Worked on the Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy” Heart Quilt last night and most of today.

All the teeny tiny squares are now sewn together into rows.

I now have 36 rows of fabric.

Now, to iron all the seams (so many many seams), and then pin together the rows. And sew thirty-five more seams. At least these will be longer than two inches each.

Then I will have a quilt top. At that point, I will choose the backing fabric (at this point I’m thinking I’ll just use solid red, since it will be hanging against the wall but we shall see).

Which is good. Because I have all kinds of new ideas for the next quilting projects… I know, I know, I’ll never learn…

Today I also ventured out into the garden to do battle with the weeds. Scary, kids! I got most of the little garden cleared out, including dumping the dead stuff from the pots. Time to start fresh. Some of the plants in the ground survived the long dry winter – including the bush with the red flowers that has made it through all my gardening disasters so far. It’s a really resilent plant. I’ll see if I can find the name and add it here, in case there are any other neglectful  sporadic gardeners out there who need a shade plant.

Tomorrow, I will watch two movies – one has ZOMBIES! and the other is a chick flick, reviews to come – and work on the quilt. And also, run some errands. Like grocery shopping. ‘Cause Sith Masters demand food every single day. They are weird like that. All that non-fiber stuff can really interrupt the important crafting!


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