Pollyanna and the Bad Sheep

Lyda here.

I know ya’ll think any fiber-producing animal is a good one. But Sunday I watched “Black Sheep” (2006) and these sheep are definitely bad.

In the best possible way.

And I loved every wooly mutant freaky moment of it!

On the advice of his therapist, sheep-phobic Henry returns home to the family farm, and discovers his brother Angus (Peter Feeney, who nicely underplays the role, giving his character even more creepiness) has been genetically altering the sheep. When the sheep go on a flesh-eating rampage, Henry (played by Nathan Meister, who is blonde and very cute, even when splattered with blood) must stop them, with the help of the brave ranch manager Tucker (played by Tammy Davis, who is a gorgeous dark-haired hunk of a man), and a cute hippie eco-activist chick (Danielle Mason) named Experience heh heh heh.

Oh, and did I mention that humans bitten by the mutant sheep become weresheep – like werewolves, only woolier? And if they were killed by the sheep, they become ZOMBIE weresheep! No, you don’t want to get bitten by the mutants just to grow your own fleece. That would be bad. Try to focus, ya’ll.

A snippet of the fun:

Tucker asks Henry why he is so freaked out by sheep – even the non-mutated ones.
Henry: “I have a phobia.”
Tucker: “What’s that?”
A murderous sheep crashes part-way through the door.
Henry: “The irrational fear that someday this is going to happen.”

Just because you’re sheep-paranoid doesn’t mean a sheep isn’t really out to eat your intestines.

The heart-pounding scary moments are interspered with humor, and the plot has some great twists. A good story, well told – written and directed by Jonathan King. The excellent and gory effects were done by WETA (the studio that won four Oscars for the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy). Richard Bluck, the director of photography, is a multiple Oscar winner for cinematography. David Elsley, who did the creatures for Farscape, was the Creature Supervisor. I love that job title. I wanna be a Creature Supervisor.

The actors are very good. And the two guys are seriously crush-worthy, with New Zealand accents too. Oh, did I already mention their cuteness? The guy with the dark curly hair has an amazing smile and sexy mischievous eyes. I’ve always gone for dark eyes… What? Oh, right. I’ll just save that digression for my alone time… Back to the review. 

The female character is spunky and tough. There are some nicely sly references to “animal husbandry” wink wink nudge nudge. Dr. Rush, the evil scientist (Tandy Wright) is wickedly slinky, and the elderly Mrs. Mac (Glenis Levestam) is a hoot.

This is a very funny movie, and also very gory. Definitely worth watching; just not during dinner.

On the Pollyanna West movie scale, I give it:

4 out of 5 brains for gore, and 5 out of 5 brains for bloody good fun.

And be sure to watch the extra stuff on the DVD. I’m fascinated with the “making of” – these people have so much fun at work – and two of the deleted scenes feature the dark haired hunk being.. well, hunky and adorable. At least ya’ll have to watch the special bonus scene. Trust me on this.

How could I not love a movie with these lines, and I quote – yes, I wrote down the lines as I watched, that is the kind of geeky devotion I have to blogging movie reviews for ya’ll. Yes, I am a bit of a mutant myself, but I digress.

My favorite quote:

After several encounters with the mutant sheep, our three heros enter a eirily quiet cottage.

Experience: “Oh my God!”

Tucker and Henry: “What???!!!”

Experience: “The feng shui in this room is terrible.”



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  1. jane

    Hey, rememebr the baby blanket pattern Is ent you the link to….well, now I can’t find it. I want to make another one. Do you still have it?


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