Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Catches Up, Or Tries To

Hi, Anna-Liza here. So, yeah, knitblog! You know, I knit almost every single day, but do I remember to tell y’all about it? Then again, I guess you aren’t so into “today I knit another three rounds on my sock”.

Sorry, I can’t tell you about the mystery project I was working on a couple of weeks ago. You know it was a ruffle, and I got great stash out of it, but it’s not my surprise and I don’t want to risk it. You know how the blogiverse is–you think no one’s reading, then *poof* stuff is all over Google or something. I did make the deadline by dint of staying up very late several nights in a row. I think it was 1 a.m. when I got to bed on the Thursday night Friday morning.

But that wasn’t entirely knitting–I took about fifteen minutes to trim my pussy. I don’t know what she’d gotten into, but she had her fur all matted by some sticky stuff on her back, down near her tail, and so I took advantage of her being quiet in my lap and trimmed as much of it off as I could.

She actually likes to sit in my lap while I knit, and rarely goes after the yarn or needles. Sometimes, though, she’ll sit next to my chair and chew on the yarn as it comes up out of my bag. Once, I was knitting away and suddenly this wet, soggy yarn end came up over the arm of the chair–she’d been quietly munching away without my noticing.

Anyway, I haven’t decided what to do with my lovely reward yarn yet, but I’m leaning strongly toward the Swallowtail Shawl. Maybe with beads, à la the Yarn Harlot. However, I am not allowing myself to cast anything on for a bit, as I have some serious catch-up to do. First of all, I’ve got the gauge problem with Eris figured out. Dropping down to a size 4 worked well, so I can get that done. But have I? No! (You knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

Now that I’m ready to get her finished, the weather has turned very warm and suddenly a heap of wool in my lap seems strangely unappealing. I can work on it in the evenings, though, and I can definitely work on it at Knit Night, since all I have to do is remember to decrease every 8th row for a while. Other than that, it’s all stockinette. I don’t even have to purl anything.

Of course, I have the Cabled Rib Cardigan to work on for Darlin’ K. It’s wool, but it’s not nearly so far along and I could get an appreciable amount done on it before it gets to be too much. And I ‘ve got the Butterfly Moebius on the needles, nice and light, moss stitch, so good for conversation-and-knitting. And there’s the bulky-weight hat, and the Cheer-Me-Up-in-Winter scarf, just to name a few more that are already on the needles.

But no. No, now I’m sort of obsessed with Pomatomus and her sister pattern, Monkey. Did I tell you I did about three repeats on Monkey and then frogged it? It was pretty, but it was going to be too big. I got the size 0 DPNs I needed for it, but then I snapped one while knitting the cuff. Just snapped right in half, and I am, as you all know, not a tight knitter. It may be that wooden 0s are just prone to do that. Anyway, I got another set at Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins before we went to the movie on Saturday. The lady there (not Maggie, I think it was Judy, but I could be wrong) offered to just replace the broken needle for free, but I hadn’t bought them there and I told her that. And besides, if they’re going to be in the habit of breaking, it’s just a well to have several spares.

I’ve never broken a needle just knitting with it before! I’ve sat on them and stepped on them, and one memorable time Mr. B stood on my knitting bag and snapped several (the splinters! Oi!) This one’s a birch Brittany, which I like for socks because the longer bamboo ones annoy me if I don’t have very much on them, but maybe I’ll need to look for an alternative. Not metal–I really dislike knitting with metal needles unless they’re the well-coated kind. I wonder if the Options Harmony DPNs are stronger? They’re laminated wood–anyone have any experience with them? I have to say they’re high on my “covet” list, as well as the interchangeable circulars.

By the way, I’ve turned the heel and am working on the gusset of my first Pomatomus sock. I’m really enjoying the pattern, but it’s not the best conversation-and-knitting one, so I’ve been working on it when I’m by myself. Still, it’s progressing rather more rapidly than I expected. I’m using the bamboo-and-wool blend Trekking “Pro Natura” by Zitron (color 1604, if you’re curious–blues and blue-greens). It’s really soft, and springy–I like it a lot!

And now back to our regular zombie/movie/weirdness programming …


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine Catches Up, Or Tries To

  1. taelixev

    I’ve always had great luck with Brittany needles. The Options DP, seem to feel very much like the Brittany, but I am yet to have knitted with them. One of the ladies at A Knitted Peace (Littleton, CO) swears by them. The Options interchangable needles are okay. They do snag just a hair by the join, and sometimes the wood isn’t glued into the metal bit well, but Krazy Glue fixed it.

    I’ve never had good luck with bamboo. They usually split on me. I have tried these needles by KA (and which are sold at Knit Knack, Arvada, CO) they are interchangable circulars that rotate at the cable join. I like them quite a bit (although my all time favorites are Addi’s). Much luck with needle shopping. 🙂

  2. Anna-Liza

    Thanks! It was a Brittany that snapped, but that’s the first one that’s ever broken on me. I still love my Brittanys. I’m looking forward to trying some new things.


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