Pollyanna Cleans Up Her Thinking

Lyda here. Another book review today.

I read this book, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” by Dr. Daniel Amen – and it did change my life.

I actually read the book straight through once, then re-read an especially pertainent section, then read the whole book straight through again. Obsessive much?  Plus, I watched the PBS show by Dr. Amen on this book. Which I recommend, if you can find it on your local listing. The PBS show is how I found out about the book, which has been out for years.

I learned a lot about how the brain works, and how different areas of the brain affect human behavior. This is a book that is not just general knowledge, “oh, isn’t this interesting” stuff. This information applies very specifically to the behavior of people.

People I know.

And me. Cleaning obsession? Now I know what part of the brain is pushing me.


And I found, as I read certain parts for the second time, that I was shedding ancient resentment and anger at someone specific. This person, I realized, had acted based on what was happening, chemically and otherwise, in their brain. It really was not their fault. I had worked a lot on this stuff, so I was surprised at how much I still had to let go. But there it was, and there it went.


There is great information on dealing with people one finds difficult. Which we all have to do – because we all have “difficult people” in our lives somewhere.

And sometimes, as Pogo says, “we have met the enemy, and he is us.”

There is excellent information on dealing with one’s own issues, behavior, and thoughts. It’s like reading the Rosetta Stone for your own personal brain.


This book really did change my thinking on a lot of things, gave me insight and clarity and helpful tools to shift some things and to deal with others. Both my own stuff and other people’s.

Anyway… everyone who has talked to me for more than ten minutes this month has already heard how great this book is. And now, so have ya’ll.


Not just for zombies anymore.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Cleans Up Her Thinking

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  2. Scott

    I met Dr. Amen at a lecture he gave and then participated in his brain study of injured and uninjured brains. I learned a lot about the damage that can occur even from normal children’s bangs to the head – the kind that happen to most kids who engage in sports.

    If you are interested in the brain and how it works, I highly recommend reading “”My Stroke of Insight”” by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. It’s on the NY Times Bestseller list and it’s a wonderful book. Dr. Taylor’s talk at TED dot com is also AMAZING! Oprah interviewed Dr. Taylor and you can check that out on Oprah.com. And Time Magazine named Dr. T one of the 100 Most Influential people in the world. Having read her book, I can see why all the attention.

    Dr. Amen’s book is brain science and it’s great at that. Dr. Taylor is a Harvard Brain Scientist, but what she writes about is the science and much more. She really cracks the code to understand how our brains (right and left hemispheres) work and she explains how we can get into our right brain and be happier and more joyful. Aside from any of the science, My Stroke of Insight is also just a great story.


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