Pollyanna and the Lazy Weekend

Lyda here. I’ve had a bit of extra time this week – which is why I had time to make up the reading challenge.

I went to the library and grabbed some books, and I’ve already finished my “fun” book (category #5) for the challenge: “Blood Is The New Black” by Valerie Stivers. A biting look at the bloodsucking fashion industry, if you get my drift. Blood, biting, a word beginning with “V” – yeah, ya’ll know what I’m talking about.  I started it yesterday, fell asleep reading it, grabbed it as soon as I woke up, and I finished it up over breakfast this morning.  Just a light semi-mystery book, with some quirky twists and an appealing heroine. Not really scary, but funny and quick to read. This is the author’s first book; it will be interesting to see what she writes next.

I love reading in bed in the morning. And at night. And in the afternoon. Reading in bed is one of life’s underrated pleasures. Not that there aren’t other good things to do in bed. Ya’ll know.

I had a great surprise visit from the Irish Beauty and her husband yesterday. We went to lunch and caught up over eggrolls. I definitely don’t see her often enough now that she’s living in the desert. After they got back home, she called and we talked for a couple more hours. We definitely must do this more often.

I also stitched together some more of my 2-inch squares, as I am making… mystery things for mystery recipients. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. And once the recipients get their goodies. Don’t hold your breath – might take a while.

I want to experiment a bit with quilting stitching before I quilt the Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy” Heart Quilt. And these little projects will give me the perfect chance to try some things out.

Tommy is curled up with his head upside down, snoring gently under my chair. “Stargate: SG 1” is coming on in, and I have two movies from the library to watch – including a zombie flick. I may not leave the house today.

Life is good.


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