Pollyanna Wishes Herself and All Her Friends “Happy Mother’s Day”

Anna-Liza here. Lyda may chime in, too (go ahead, BFF!).

Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who are moms, and Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who have moms!

Wha’dya get? I got to have almost a whole day to spend being absolutely idle. Yesterday, I spent the morning at Java Stop and the library, then Darlin’ K took the kids out with him to run errands in the afternoon, so I had a nap. Then we dropped the kids off with friends and went to a party. I haven’t had a day that unproductive, yet extremely pleasant, in I don’t know how long. I’ll have to reciprocate for Father’s Day. Somehow. It’s the same weekend as the Estes Park Wool Market, so Darlin’ K’s idle day will probably have to be the Sunday.

And wha’dya get your mom? Mine’s getting her usual long-distance phone call with me and her grandkids (Pollyanna contingent). And we’ll be going to see Darlin’ K’s mom and grandma this afternoon.

And I should probably say this. Unless your mom’s really into it, don’t get her a houseplant. I like houseplants, but I kill them. And the very last thing I think any mom needs (especially if her kids are still young/at home) is another thing to take care of. I suggested to Darlin’ K that, if he were going to buy me a gift, that it have something to do with the things I like to do. (He did an excellent job on that.) I think that’s a pretty good suggestion for anyone. You don’t know what your mom likes to do? Well, find out! Geez! What kind of son/daughter are you? (My mom loves houseplants and would thoroughly enjoy adding one to her collection, especially if it was something she doesn’t already have.)

Garrison Keillor had a funny and nice column about moms last Friday. The line that really got me was, “The cruel injustice of motherhood is that, out of devotion to her brood, she sacrifices so much of her own life that her children grow up to find her a little boring …”

You know what? I’ve been blessed with having a pretty interesting life. My mom has had one, too. (And Lyda and her mom? Yeah, baby!) If you don’t know what your mom likes to do, or if you tend to dismiss your mom and her life/interests as being dull … I suggest you take her out for coffee or drinks and have a real talk. I bet there are a lot of things you don’t know about her–if not things she’s done, then maybe things she’s always wanted to do. You’re an interesting person, right? You must have gotten it from somewhere!


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