Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Kitteh of Extreme Cuteness

Anna-Liza here. No, I don’t mean Moxie. She’s a sweet, funny, mellow cat, but she’s more like the Kitteh of Ample Proportions. And nothing has happened to Moxie–she’s fine … tubby, but fine. See?


We just decided that it was time to get a companion for her, so we’ve acquired a kitten! He/she (we aren’t sure yet) is about 9 weeks old and may end up being called MojoJojo or possibly Ninja Kitty. We’re trying to get the kidlets to agree on a name, but I may just make an executive decision.

We’ve had her/him for a week now, and she/he’s just as fun as a kitten should be. She/he will play intensely for twenty minutes or so, then fall asleep on whatever lap (or chest) is handy.

Moxie hissed at her/him a few times at first, but with no real intent behind it. She’s warming up to her/him now–she let’s him/her chase her around, and lets him/her play with her tail a bit. But she also gets this look on her face that shows she’s channeling W.C. Fields fairly regularly, too.


I’ve had to remind Mr. B a few times that, when he picks up the new kitty (which he loves to do), the tail is supposed to be on the bottom, or at least the side.


He’s getting better at it now. Mr. R is a little disappointed that she/he can’t sleep with him–he sleeps on the top bunk and it’s way too high for the KEC to jump yet. And if he/she can’t jump up on his/her own, then it’s not safe for her/him to try to jump down again, either. And Darlin’ K lets her/him jump up on his desk while he’s working, which means he has to occasionally correct whatever she/he’s “typed” for him.

Other kitty name suggestions have been: Mist, Aang (from “The Avatar”), Ash, Little Kitty Ash, Puffball, Fluffy, Mr. Grey, Scooter. I’m personally leaning toward Mojo, but I may be overruled. Any ideas?

Oh, and you know how Moxie will lie in my lap while I’m knitting and won’t mess with the needles or yarn? The kitten? Not so much.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Kitteh of Extreme Cuteness

  1. Red

    Genius has been trying to train her kitteh not to attack needles or yarn. I’m suggesting tea tree dr bronners mixed in a sprayer with water. It won’t poison her but it will tast something terrible.

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