Pollyanna Treks On

Lyda here. Way past time for a Random Weirdness post. This one is more random than most.

The Random Weirdness of Humans – Purely Random Edition

1. Star Trek Weirdness: Ya’ll have to check this out. Listen to the audio, but – and I cannot emphasize this enoughNOT at work. Or with little ears around.

Now ya’ll can’t wait, right?

And hey, how could I miss a chance to link to Darth Mojo?

But I digress…

2. Real-life Zombie Weirdness: Watch this report. Freaky. This is the reason they used to put bells on graves, ya’ll.

3. Pig-Licking Weirdness: Pigs aid police. Can I resist the “pigs helping pigs” reference?

Apparently not.

4. Turkey Justice Weirdness: Even turkeys want their day in courtI told ya’ll about turkeys before.

5. Great Granny Weirdness: This 96-year-old can’t ride sixty-five. Having your kids buy you an Indy 500 ride? Priceless. Go Granny go!

Sorry, ya’ll, that’s all the weirdness I have time for right now. Time to head off for some weirdness of my own.


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Treks On

  1. annaliza

    You know what the Star Trek edit reminds me of? Remember way back in the day when we kept joking about bad porn novels, and the use of long strings of consonants during sex scenes? Oh, oh, VVVVvvvvvvvvvvvvv!!!!


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