Pollyanna versus the Depression of Doom

Lyda here. Is there any other kind of depression? I mean, no one talks about the Depression of Lightheartedness. The Depression of Fantasticness. But I’m digressing. Already. As Maggie Simpson once said, “This is indeed a disturbing universe.”

I’ve been struggling especially this last month, resulting in very few posts, and in the need for Anna-Liza to smack me repeatedly – thanks BFF, I need that. I’ll try not to dwell, but let me just say, being poor and unemployed sucks.

Does anyone need a professional organizer? A writer? An office manager? A bookkeeper? A proofreader? I can be bought! That’s what he said.  Seriously, I need work. Anyone? Anyone? 

Ya’ll send “Lyda gets a fabulous job” vibes, okay?

Or, ”Lyda wins the lottery so she never has to work ever again” vibes. I’m easy. But ya’ll already knew that. 

And if I did win the lottery, I would be very generous with sharing the wealth. There would be gifts. Fiber gifts. I’m just saying…

I spent last week digging a company we shall call Procrastinators R Us out of over six months of back filing – each month’s filing being three to five feet tall. It took all week and lots of muscle power. Sheesh, people, keep up with the filing! The back you save could be mine! 

The surreal part was that their filing room – filled with huge shelves that you can move back and forth on tracks via a big crank – was a converted vault and had no air circulation.

This Pollyanna was sweating… sorry, Grandma, I mean, “glowing”… like a horse every day.

It was like being trapped in “Metropolis.”

But without the robot.

I was not sweating like a pig – pigs don’t sweat. That’s why they roll in mud – to moisten their skin and cool off. Mud also protects against sunburn. And that is your Lick The Pig Fact of the Day. 

Look – “The Joy of Pigs” ! A must-see NATURE video. Just look at the cute lickable piggies on that link!

Shit, I’m digressing again…

Doing filing for a solid week did make me appreciate all the jobs I’ve ever had that were NOT solid filing. And also, all the jobs where the room temperature was less than 85 degrees.

Meanwhile, in other whining…

My sleep has been weird; I keep waking up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep again. And I’m not sleepy at my normal bedtime, so I’ve been staying up late. Also, I’ve pretty much lost my appetite, which is very unusual for me. As one could tell by looking at me, although hopefully one would be too polite to say so.  I’ve been watching TV at weird hours (more on that in the next post), and working late into the night on my quilting Mystery Projects.

Yes, I know, how evil I am to keep mentioning the Mystery Projects when I cannot tell you about them yet. Bwahahaha!  But I can report that I’m done with three of them – completely, totally done. Three – three F.O.s! Ah-ah-ah!  And the others are getting very close to completion. Soon I will ship them out – “I’ll ship you, my pretties… and your little dog too!” … “These things have to be done delicately, delicately…” – and then I will at last be able to post about them.

Anticipation… Antici-paaation… It’s making me wait…”

Oh, now I’m craving thick fries with ketchup.

“I digress, therefore I am…”

I’ll even post a tutorial about the Mystery Projects, which are actually quite fun and go quickly.

If you don’t do 7 or 8 all at once.

Which is of course what I am doing.

Because I am insane.

But ya’ll knew that, didn’t you?


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