Pollyanna Does the Hump Day Boogie, Now with Extra Random Weirdness

Lyda here. We need a Random Weirdness post, because it’s Wednesday, and because it’s June… 

“…June, June, June,   Just because it’s June!   June!   June!” 

Sorry about that. The theater geekiness never goes away; it just morphs into sudden bursts of song for no apparent reason. And other weird digressions…

Before we get to today’s Random Weirdness, a few blogiverse items:

1.) Most importantly, go over to Frank’s blog and post a comment that’s funny / cheerful / supportive. A joke, a link to a silly site. We love you, Frank! Get well!

2.) As your reward, go over to Crazy Aunt Purl and enter the contest to win a stack of books from Laurie! How generous I am to tell ya’ll about this, as I’ve entered the contest myself (she had me at “free books”). Now ya’ll know how much Pollyanna loves ya.

3.) So ya’ll can plan ahead: Saturday, June 14th is World Wide Knit In Public Day. That link is the official site; you can find a KIP near you, or host a KIP – even a virtual KIP. Ya’ll, I can’t take credit for knowing about this in advance this year – I read about it here on diknit’s blog.

Post a comment and tell us where you will be knitting in public!

And let us know if ya’ll want us to host a Hermit’s Virtual KIP here at Pollyanna’s. Virtual sweet tea, virtual cake, and the Zombie Army! Awesome! Actually, Anna-Liza will probably be KIP for real, so I might be on my own on this one.

Okay, on to the Random Weirdness:

1.) Toy Vault makes Princess Bride toys – every girl’s dream, a Dread Pirate Roberts of her very own! They make Monty Python stuff : Tim the Enchanter hats! The Black Knight, with detachable limbs! And for the final touch for Marin’s desk – a Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth stapler! Here’s where to buy their stuff.  No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

2.) Zombie cats!

3.) Actually EFFECTIVE tech support! Heh.

4.) How do you know you’ve had enough to drink? Now.

5.) Among recent searches that lead people to our blog, there was the usual: “Bruce Willis”, “heathers”, variations on “pollyanna” and “rainbow”.

There was the slightly unusual: “zombie movies domesticated”  – what, they don’t like wild zombies??

And there was the uber cool: “cosmic”. I love that you can find us by searching for “cosmic”. That’s how cool the Pollyannas are, ya’ll!

6.) And finally, does someone want to explain it to this guy? Anyone? Anyone?


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Does the Hump Day Boogie, Now with Extra Random Weirdness

  1. lyda Post author

    That stapler totally calls your name, Marin.

    And yeah. Dude. Surprising that he ever has a girlfriend, isn’t it?

  2. annaliza

    Yes, perhaps by “girlfriend” he means “blow up doll.”

    And yes, I will be at the Estes Park Wool Market that day, where many of us plan to meet at the stadium at noon to KIP. You really do need to start planning your move to Colorado, you know.


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