Pollyanna and the Totally Random Weirdness of Hump Day

Lyda here. It’s Hump Day – time for a Random Weirdness post. Today it’s:


1.) Drunken weirdness: Dude. This is not the way to get more fiber.

2.) Lone Star weirdness: This one’s for all us Texans.

3.) Blue weirdness: They are making a live action Smurf movie. Really. Why??? Fifty years, and there’s still only one female. Her dance card must be full… if ya’ll know what I mean…

4.) Historical weirdness: Check out this modern Trojan Horse  from “The Chaser” – these guys are crazy, but in a very funny way.

5.) Deadly weirdness: The Grim Reaper looks for work. Another gem from “The Chaser”. The Resident Sith Master and I spent at least an hour watching videos from “The Chaser.”  This Pollyanna will go to any lengths to bring ya’ll the weirdness.

6.) Food weirdness: Want melon? Got $6000? So many jokes, the mind boggles…

Also: This is probably not where you want to go on a first date. I’m just saying…

7.) Work weirdness: With competition like this, I should have a job in no time, right?

8.) Shopping weirdness: Because everyone needs their own remote-control zombie. And a R2D2 pepper mill. To go with our new salt pigs. Lick the salty pig! Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

And we all need a duct tape purse. And skull and crossbones ice cubes. Arr, maties!

9.) Weird pig fun: Check out this smart pig. Feel the piggie love! Hint: Do not google “pig love” at work. But that video link is safe for work and kids. Trust Pollyanna.

10.) And finally, because Mom would have loved it:cat
more cat pictures


8 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Totally Random Weirdness of Hump Day

  1. lyda Post author

    Red – I know. I’ve dated men who were dumber than that pig. Wow.

    Marin – always glad to contribute to the delinquency of a twelve-er. Bwahaha!

    And yeah. Is the live-action Smurf movie a sign of the apocalypse? ‘Cause I’m worried…

  2. annaliza

    Oddly enough, I didn’t know about the movie, but something made me contemplate the Smurfs yesterday. Am I right, is Papa Smurf everyone’s Papa?
    You know, I seriously need that duct tape purse. I don’t think my current one proclaims “I’m a sexy geek” loudly enough.
    But first I have to go to Wool Market. (I’m a sexy knitting geek”)

  3. HB

    bwahahaha! ‘nom de plume’ that is true crafstmanship right there…

    smurf movie…live..?! Why does that sound like something William Shatner would be in?

  4. lyda Post author

    William Shatner IS Papa Smurf!! Bwahahahaha!

    And “nom de plume” makes me so happy.

    (wanders off to search for penis ice cube trays… what, HollyB told me to!)


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