Pollyanna and the Wool Market Post of Reasonable Length

Hi, Anna-Liza here. Lyda’s getting rid of stuff and I’m acquiring stuff–what a balanced pair we are, are we not? Yin and yang got nothin’ on us. Oh, that picture up there? It’s one I took on my way back home from Estes Park. Pretty nice, eh, Lyda? Might could even make up for the snow.

I find I’m still rather addled by the whole Wool Market experience (plus it’s Father’s Day, and I have a few other things to do than write. Especially considering I had such a grand holiday yesterday.)

So I’m afraid that photo I posted will have to tease you just a bit longer, but I’ll give you Part One of the Estes Park Wool Market report, as told by Pollyanna of the Rockies.

Since I don’t raise fiber animals, the animal part is of purely academic interest to me. I spend far less time in that part of the show than in the vendor’s barn. However, there are a lot of breeders and fiber animal raisers in this area, so those parts are very busy indeed. Add to that the people who bring their kids to see the animals, and curious folk like me! I did overhear one woman say to her friend, “My husband just asked me to not bring home any livestock!”

There are rabbits,

llamas, alpacas,




goats, and paco-vicuñas, which are so shy they used their hypnotic powers to defeat my flash. The fellow silhouetted on the left here had a sign on his pen saying he was for sale, for a mere $48,000.

I didn’t spot any bison or yaks or water buffalo, but that’s not to say they might not show up one day. Other attractions include the kids’ tent (where kids can try weaving and spinning), and the wool fleece judging, which is way over my head just yet:


And of course, there are the people and the other scenery.


Note the matching Hawaiian shirts and black jeans …

And of course, this …

Oh, and we mustn’t forget this:


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Wool Market Post of Reasonable Length

  1. KarenM.

    I hadn’t pegged you for pink turquoise and purple….Can’t wait to see what you do with that!!
    I am planning on picking up a drop spindle, but have to admit I am trying not to acquire more stash of any kind right now. But I am hoping for positive awesome handspun pictures from the pollyanna camp….you know if I am jealous enough I will eventually follow through 🙂

  2. lyda

    As head of the “Get Lyda to Move to Colorado” campaign, you can report at the next meeting that ya’ll are making progress…

    Scenery, fiber, BFF, Marin. So. Tempting.


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