Pollyanna In Videos

Lyda here.

Check out the game from Linda / knitche‘s post here. I couldn’t figure it out on Flickr. Maybe the lack of sleep.

Then I thought I’d just Google the images, but because of the copyright thing, I decided… better not.

So I’ve used YouTube videos instead.

WARNING: The sound varies a lot on these videos – some are really loud, some are quieter. Ya’ll may have to keep your hand on the volume control as you open each one. And a couple have adult language, but I’ve marked those. Don’t want anyone to get in trouble at work, ya know.

Not that ya’ll are reading this at work at all. Oh no. That would never happen… But I digress…

The Twisted Game

1 – Type your answer to each of the questions below into YouTube Search.
2 – Pick a video.
3 – Link it to your answer.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? Lyda (Adult Language warning!) And yes, I am a four-wheel off-road vehicle. I think the song particularly suits this time in my life…

What is your quest? Oh wait, digressing again…

2. What is your favorite food? Chocolate cake These guys are funny! And ya’ll know I love their name.

3. What high school did you go to? Richard King That song came out when I was in high school (yes, I am ancient, ya’ll show some respect) – and pretty much describes my high school experience.

4. What is your favorite color? Purple. “Help me.”

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Harrison Ford! But is he grumpy? (Adult Language warning!)  Jackie ChanBut is he nuts?  Wait, I’ve got it:

ERIC IDLE!!  Larger than frogs, indeed. That’s what she said.

6. Favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper. Note the BEEFCAKE. Do I know what ya’ll like or what?

7. Dream vacation? Maui. I’ll feel right at home.

8. Favorite dessert? CAKE!! Eddie Izzard – I bet ya’ll can’t watch just one.

9. What you want to be when you grow up? Writer. It’s all their fault. Artist. Not that kind of artist… 

Wait, I’m already a writer and an artist.

I know what I want to be: RICH! Half-naked pirates! I know what ya’ll like.

10. What do you love most in life? My son, the Resident Sith Master.

Bonus Star Wars video: That’s what she said!

11. One Word to describe you. Weird. If you don’t like Weird Al, how about this? That’s what I thought.

12. Your blog name. Pollyanna. Check out the stunt sheep about a minute & a half in…

Well, shoot. Now I want to watch the whole movie…


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