Pollyanna and the Weirdness of the Animal Kingdom

Lyda here. Another random weirdness post…

The Random Weirdness of the Animal Kingdom

1.) A unicorn deer – check it out.

2.) An update on a classic tale: Pig in Boots.

3.) Wonderfully weird marine life. Cool and weird glass sculpture. Two things that go together? Apparently they do in Oregon.

4.) Very rare sea dragon is pregnant – he’s going to give birth soon. Yeah, he.

5.) Pigs Gone Wild! Bad pigs, bad pigs, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you…

6.) Bed-hopping snake. No, really, officer, I was just telling the kid a bedtime story…

7.) Weird sisters. And the problem of abstinence. Also, “bdelloid rotifers” just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

8.) Animals seeing dead people? Weird.

9.) Lots of weirdness. Watch out for those cockchafers, dude. Ouch.

10.) Pictures of weird animals, including this Long-Eared Jerboa:


Weird. But cute, definitely cute.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Weirdness of the Animal Kingdom

  1. annaliza

    When did June bugs start getting called cockchafers, and why?
    As for item #8, I lived in a haunted house for a while and my housemate’s dog could definitely “see” the ghost(s). She would look up to where an adult human’s face would be and wag her tail, and act like she was getting petted.
    And the long-eared jerboa? Are you sure those are ears? They look sort of … pornographic to me.

  2. lyda Post author

    I never knew they were called cockchafers, either. Why? The mind boggles.
    Did you ever see the ghost?
    Jerboa ears – Well, NOW they seem pornographic to me. Thanks.

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