Pollyanna Is a Fiber Tease

Hi, Anna-Liza again. I’m really sorry, y’all. I have so much more to tell you about Wool Market and the cool stuff I got there, but I’m in a serious time crunch. I’m taking a series of four workshops every evening this week, and then Darlin’ K and I are going to be at SolFest this weekend. I’m going to keep working on the fiber post(s) in the bits of time I find. I’ll also try to break it up into smaller bites, so I can at least post some of it between now and … next week? Maybe Saturday morning, before we leave. So much to blog about, so little time to blog!

I finally did get to play with my new drop spindle yesterday, with some of the black Churro wool. I know you’ve seen this a couple of times, but here’s a very quick description:

New drop spindle in the middle; directly above that and then clockwise is some Navajo Churro wool in three colors; on top of the Churro is some Plain and Fancy sportweight singles in “Purple Mountains”; the eye-searing pink/purple/turquoise is merino/mohair; the pale grey wool is laceweight cormo from Elsa Wool Company; the stripey grey/black roving is wool from a Teesedale/Cotswold crossbreed.

I sound like I actually know what I’m doing! I do not.


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