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Pollyanna is a Bag Lady

Lyda here. At long last, the Mystery Quilting Projects are mysterious no longer! The recipients have received them, so I can finally blog about them.

I created five Not-So-Square Bags. As you know from this post on KarenM’s blog, and this response, and this post on Marin’s blog.  Four went to the winners of the Name That Scarf! contest –  as I told you in this post – and one went to Anna-Liza to show off for her birthday. And as a thank-you. She knows why.

Okay, enough digression by linking…

These bags are about 12 inches by 12 inches. Big enough to hold the yarn and needles for a scarf or socks or small project. Small enough to fit inside a big tote or suitcase if needed.

My rule for making these gift bags was to use only what I had on hand. Although I did cheat and buy a spool of red thread when I ran out. It was really really hard to only buy thread at the fabric store. I’m telling ya’ll, it was a struggle. Fabric is my crack. But I digress…

I used leftover 2-inch squares I had cut for the Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy” Heart Quilt. More on that project in the next post.

The other fabric was all from stash, mostly scraps left over from other projects. It took some creativity to come up with lining fabric that worked for each bag using only my stash fabrics, but I am pleased with the results.

These were so fun to make that I made myself a couple of bags too. Mine are made from cloth strips. One is a small bag made of strips of fabric from the Heart Quilt. The other bag is larger, made from fabric left from a fence rail quilt I made years ago. Since they are made from strips, I guess these are Stripper Bags. I crack myself up.

Both of these bags are nice small quilting projects for trying out different techniques and color combinations. I experimented a lot and had fun. I see more of these bags in my future. Hey, I’m psychic!

There may be Not-So-Square Bag and Stripper Bag tutorials later.

Just so I can say that I taught ya’ll to strip.


If anyone wants to buy a handmade bag, just email me at lydakayATaolDOTcom. (Ya’ll know, replace AT with @ and DOT with .)  You can pick colors and/or a theme, and I’ll make you a bag.


Pollyanna Needs a Job

Lyda here. I’m supposed to hear tomorrow about a job. I interviewed twice, and I’ve been told it’s down to two of us. I really really want this job. It’s down to the wire here. Decision time.

Wait for it, it’s worth it… and yes, it will make sense. And I can’t resist sharing this one with ya’ll too. And this one with David Tenant. (More David Tenant for all us addicts.)

But I digress…

This not-working thing is getting old, ya’ll. I don’t mind the time off, but the lack of money is not working out.

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

Of course, I could win the lottery tonight. Heh.

I have had many jobs, some wonderful, some torturous.

My first work was for my parents, and didn’t include pay. Chores at home, work of all kinds at the theater.

My first real paid job was for a politician running for local office. I was given a telephone and a list of people to call. We were told to call voters and tell them we were conducting an independent poll on the election. If they said they’d support our candidate, then we were to offer them bumper stickers and yard signs.

I thought it was dishonest – we weren’t to tell people we were calling from the candidate’s headquarters. I did not follow instructions – instead I said, “I’m calling on behalf of [candidate], and we are conducting a poll…” The candidate decided that I wasn’t working out. My parents did not to vote for this candidate.

I worked at a pizza place and learned to throw the pizza dough in the air and catch it. Mad skillz, I haz them.  I was a waitress. For two shifts. Long enough to pay for the uniform which gave me an all-over rash.

After college, I taught preschool for seven years. I have a Montessori teaching credential.  I loved teaching, but couldn’t live on the salary.

So I went to work in offices. I’ve had permanent jobs, and lots of temporary jobs, all over the county, for the last eighteen years.

I’ve worked for and with top executives and middle managers and everyone in between. I’ve worked in a hospital, in manufacturing facilities, and in construction trailers. I’ve worked with researchers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, builders, salespeople, car people, educators – you name it, I’ve worked with them. I’ve worked for homegrown businesses and for companies in the Fortune 500. I’ve managed the office for businesses with a few workers and for big departments. I’ve created spreadsheets, reports, procedures, and manuals. I’ve hired and I’ve supervised skilled workers and beginners.

I can use more types of software than I can remember. I’m a certified expert at Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, for example. And I type 100 words a minute.  I do accounting and payroll. I write well and speak well. I am comfortable and effective doing presentations for small groups and large gatherings.

I am cheerful, dedicated, and focused. I get along with everyone. Every place I have worked, I have taught coworkers and managers how to use their software more effectively. Every place I have worked has been more organized and more efficient because of me. I have an impressive resume and stellar referrences.

I work hard for the money.

All I need is  a job.

Bonus and completely different “All I need“. Because ya’ll will love it.

Pollyanna Leaves the Ranch and Heads into the Jungle

Lyda here. Hey, we passed 30,000 views – thank you all!!!

More good news: I’m reporting a Finished Object of the Quilt Kind! Shiny!

Saturday, I finished the Patriotic Cowboy Quilt for my littlest grand-nephew. The front of the quilt looks great. I quilted it with red thread, which looks great on the other fabrics on the front – and mostly disappears on the (mostly red) backing.

There are pictures, in the disposable camera, so when I get them developed and scanned, I’ll post some. I don’t recommend holding your breath, ya’ll. But I digress…

The backing shifted during quilting. I’m mad at myself for not basting the layers before I quilted. The shift wouldn’t have mattered with a solid backing. But because I didn’t have enough of one fabric for the back, I did a border on the back. Because the backing shifted, the backing border doesn’t look even. So it is less square and more… free. Yeah, that’s it. Free. Don’t fence me in, ya’ll.

I’m sure it’s one of those things no one else will notice. At least not much. Certainly my grand-nephew won’t care. And his parents (my nephew “Skywalker” and his lovely wife) are too sweet to mention it. And so are his grandparents (My Brother the Doctor and my gracious sis-in-law).

Certainly they will appreciate the spirit of the quilt, and the time and love I put into it.

It’s just me here, beating myself up for not creating a perfect quilt. All because I was in too much of a hurry to baste. As Jebus is my witness, I’ll never not baste again!

I think I should get a pass for any minor flaws  unique design elements because I finished this quilt in the same month of the baby’s birth. Unlike other projects which were… longer in completion *cough three years cough*.

Anyway… moving on…

Leaving the ranch…

Heading off into the jungle…

Time to start working on The Jungle Quilt for my other small grand-nephew.

Beginnings are so full of promise…

Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Zombies

Lyda here. Time for some more Random Weirdness. This week:

The Random Weirdness of Zombies

I can’t believe I haven’t done an all-zombie Random Weirdness post before. It’s way overdue.

1.) Zombie slaves are so hard to steer! But LOL kitteh tries.

2.) Cat and Girl meet Zombie Dorothy Parker  – with bonus Zombie Oscar Wilde. Cat and Girl crack me up. Check out this one.

Edited to add: Future Corpses of America shirts!

3.) Zombie squids!

4.) Zombie bunny!

5.) Line from last Friday’s episode of “Perry Mason” (yes, my life really is this exciting): “She took off out of there like she’d seen a zombie!” I swear, someone really said that.

6.) Keep the blood off your clothes with a Zombie Hunter apron.

7.) Crochet your own zombie girl!

8.) Stock your Zombie Farm! That sale sounds like my kind of fun. And those sound like my kind of neighbors.

9.) An interesting top ten list of zombie movies. The reviews are detailed enough to help you decide if you want to rush out and rent the films – or avoid them like a zombie plague.

10.) And I love this “Zombie Boyfriends Bite” t-shirt.

Hmmm, a zombie boyfriend…

Pollyanna now returns ya’ll to your normal zombie-free zone.

Pollyanna Has Bad News for the Evil Sith

Lyda here. Okay, I’m a picture thief. But it’s not really theft, because she gave me permission.  Here is a photo that KarenM / Mintlatte took of the bag I made for her. I love the cool “Dream” hook thing.


Go over and read her post about it and see more pictures.

Really, check it out.

Ya’ll, I think Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat may have finally met his Jedi match…

Pollyanna Pigs Out to Cheer Up

Lyda here. Depression of Doom has been really bad lately, ya’ll.

But Anna-Liza got her package from me. Woo-hoo! Has anyone else gotten their package yet? Bueller? Anyone?

So, to prevent massive whining on my part  to brighten your Monday morning – let’s start the week with some Pig Licking!

1.) I found these for the Desk o’ Living Creatures: cow measuring tape, rabbit scissors, and python staple remover.

And this for the Desk o’ Attitude. I love it – “Escape before it’s too late!” “Don’t turn into a zombie!”

And for domestic stuff, I like these Roman numeral birthday candles. No one will ever figure out how old you are!  And these Strawz, perfect for budding engineers. And this ice cube bling.

2.) Check out this museum. Really, ya’ll will be glad you clicked the link. And can I just say, TWELVE!!

3.) And check out this stash. It’s… it’s like a yarn temple… I… I just… I’m verklempt… Give me a moment… Talk among yourselves

4.) If you’re going to lose your mind, do it with style. Or do it with gibberish. Whatev.

5.) Just one more of those, just for Twelve-sake. Bwahahaha. I’ve worked for that guy – haven’t you?

6.) ALPACAS!!! Ya’ll know you can’t resist… the Power of the Alpaca.

Plenty of fiber-bearing and non-fiber bearing animal cuteness here.

But most importantly of all:


Pollyanna Gifts Pollyanna a Gift

Hey, Anna-Liza here.

I just looked at our search terms again. We had two views on the search term “lick”. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there–I know why we come up for that search, but not why anyone would search on just that one word. Perhaps I don’t want to know. Then again …

Anyway, if you’re getting swag from Lyda and you haven’t received it yet, and you want it to be a surprise, don’t read any further. Until after you open your package, anyway.

Got my prezzy from Lyda yesterday. And the kittehs got theirs from Tommy, too.

Those are the Goth books Marin gave to Lyda–Lyda thinks that Knitting Sprite and I need to read them. I’ve started What Is Goth? and I think she’s right. It’s a little scary, how much inner Goth I have. Too bad white makeup gives me a rash.

The only thing showing of the kittehs’ swag is one of the eggs, because they’ve already hidden or lost the other egg and the little patchwork mousie. They work fast, those two. Especially the Demon Cat sweet, fluffy little Sparkle Kitty. (Sparkle Kitty also manages to trash my bathroom every single day, sometimes several times a day, due to her utter fascination with dumping over the trash can and then swatting the contents all over the place. I haven’t yet got to the point that I’m taking out the trash every time someone puts a Q-tip or a tissue in there, but it may come to that yet. Clearly, she is in some form of arcane communication with Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat.)

But here’s the cool thing. These lovely, handmade, quilted bags are meant to be project bags. And mine is perfect! Look!

A book *and* a project!
A book *and* a project!

So I can carry knitting and reading with me, even when I don’t want to carry my full-sized Franklin Habit tote with Knitting Kali on it! (Which is also a gift from Lyda. And which really, really needs to be washed soon.) I bet I could even fit my Nintendo DS Lite in there, no problem!

Oh, the book? A good friend, one of my knitting group actually, loaned me three of the Nightside series by Simon R. Green. You like noir detective stories, horror/fantasy, and wry humor all in one page-turning paperback? Then you need to read these. I got through the three I borrowed in about two days. Tops. Now I have to track down all the other ones, and maybe take a look at his other series. (There’s a word that needs another plural. The man has several series.) I found two of the Deathstalker novels at the library, so I can get sarted with that. And I have the two sequels to The Golden Compass, too, that I want to read pretty soon. I have to admit, I’m not such a hard core knitter. Summertimes, reading tends to take priority. Reading with a fan on me and a tall glass of mint/green tea  (the link takes you to my recipe) beside me. Mmmmm. I think I know what I’m doing once I finish this post!

And I haven’t even told you what Very Superior Husband and I did for our anniversary. No, not that (I mean, of course we did, but I’m not planning to tell you about it), but what we did on Pearl Street in Boulder. I have to, there were guitar players dressed as a gorilla and a banana involved. And fire jugglers and other assorted buskers. And really, really good drummers. And excellent sushi.

All in all, a fairly typical summer Saturday night on Pearl Street. But I digress. And I have a book to get back to.