Pollyanna and the House of Infinite Messiness

Anna-Liza here. Have you been having a good holiday weekend? Good! It’s been pretty good here, too.

Darlin’ K has been using his hands, back and brains to help his dad and uncle repair the cabin roof all week. He’s up there today, too. (This is what actually triggered the “hands” post.) After work Thursday, I got the kids, fed the cats, grabbed some fast food, and headed up to the cabin to join the family. We slept in the tent that night and hung out most of the day, letting the kids have some quality time with their visiting great-aunt while the guys all spent most of the day on the roof again. Then we came back down to Longmont to watch the fireworks–K did a little one-man fire show before they started at the party we went to. Longmont generally does a pretty good show. This year, they had to stop a couple of times to let the fire department put out some small brush fires started by falling ash from the show, but it was still a pretty good show.

Then he went back up to the cabin this morning. We’re all going up tomorrow for the big family get-together. And of course, last weekend was the Steamboat fire show and Marin’s Nintendo party, and the weekend before was Solfest. And the evening workshop series that I took.

Which all leads up to the fact that, for at least three weeks, I have been almost completely neglecting the house. Darlin’ K has done what he can, but he’s been participating in all of these things or else kid-wrangling on his own so I could participate. And the place is wrecked. It’s not just that we’ve managed to not-quite-keep-up with laundry and dishes, and have completely ignored general picking up and such, it’s also that there are some house projects that got (temporarily) abandoned right in the middle, when we ran out of time. There are heaps of clothes in the upstairs hall, waiting for me to finish sorting for keeping or getting rid of or putting away for cold weather. And there’s still stuff not put away from our various little trips around Colorado.

Which leads to my next point … yesterday, before we got back from the cabin, my mom and dad left a couple of voice messages for us, but they were not entirely clear. My dad’s said “We’re at your uncle’s in Salt Lake, and we’ll be here today and tonight, and we need to ask you … mumble mumble. Call us.”

Now, it would be entirely in keeping with my dad’s personality to call 24 hours before he showed up. Or even to just show up without warning. After all, they’ve been talking about a visit this summer for months, and even though the closest thing to a plan I could get from them was, “We need to check with (whatever other relative they planned to visit), we’ll let you know when we have more of a plan.”

So now they have a plan. I am thankful that they aren’t coming today, they’re arriving Friday. The day before my birthday. And they’re bringing my Aunt Gay, who is on an extended visit from the Philippines. The thing my dad needed to ask was if we could accommodate three people for a few days–like I would say “no” unless we were actually going to be out of town, or already had guests.

But, oh my God! My house! Where am I going to put them where they won’t have to walk over toys or clothes or yarn or something? Our plan is–we’ll put down camping pads and sleeping bags in the boys’ room and sleep there, let my folks have our bedroom, and put a single mattress in the office for my aunt.

But the boys’ room is ankle-deep in toys. And the living room isn’t much better. The office is okay, but my bathroom (singular) is frightnening. The kitchen is messy, but not horror-movie messy.

And, of course, I haven’t arranged for any time off. (I’ll ask about that on Monday. I hope we can work something out.) And my two older kids usually work weekends, so they don’t have much time to try to work out some family time either. But Daddy really has a commitment problem in a lot of ways … I bet that they don’t even stay for the full four days that he says they will!

I’m really happy to be seeing my folks, and I haven’t seen my Aunt Gay since I was three years old, so that will be way cool. Anyone out there giving away free maid service in the Boulder County area?


One thought on “Pollyanna and the House of Infinite Messiness

  1. lyda

    You know I’d be there, mop in hand, if I could. Just more reasons to move to Colorado. Damn Pointy Mountains!

    Hang in there, and remember to breathe and sleep…


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