Pollyanna and the Weirdly Cool Row Counters

Anna-Liza here. Lyda’s post about the drink charms made me remember this site for Dark Playtpus Studio. The items on that page are “Life Counters” for RPG players, but wouldn’t they be dandy row counters? They even have two counting dials. True, they only go up to 30, but I can’t say I’ve ever needed to go up past 27, myself. And if you need something smaller (with a smaller capacity), there are Micro Counters. Look at these!

Two different dragons!        

For Lyda, there’s a zombie:     

For Marin, there’s this:    

For Stephanie, there’s this scary critter:    

Karen, what do you think about this? Seems like a natural for any knitter:      

Since she’s our Yarn Fairy, I’m thinking this one for Sylvia:    

For Red? What else but a Red Elemental?    

Ms. English Hotcar hasn’t graced this blog for a while–we have had exactly opposing schedules and haven’t seen each other in months. Literally. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about her.

   Just sorta reminds me of her sense of style.

Knitting Sprite is more of a problem–she’d pretty much love all of them. Maybe one of these:


Me? Oh, gee, it’s hard to choose. Maybe one of these:


That first one sorta looks like me, doesn’t it?


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