Pollyanna Parties Down

Lyda here.

Okay, so I really did go to a party on Friday. I don’t have pictures (Dear Santa, a camera please).

I promised myself that I would go for at least an hour. The hermit stuff has been pretty extreme lately and I need to interact with other humans – and my good friend the Evil Stepmother was the hostess. She’s invited me to umpteen things, and it was about time I went to one.

I’m so glad I went! I met some great people, had some great food – barbeque chicken and ribs cooked on her brand-new grill, plus plenty of sides and red velvet cake for dessert, yummy! – and laughed a lot. The guy manning the grill was very funny, and there were a lot of jokes flying around about his meat. Twelve!  I sat outside and talked for hours with five or six women and several men who were funny and smart and interesting. And laughed. A lot.

We all ate and then went and stood on the sidewalk to watch the fireworks. There was wine, and people were enjoying that – but no one got wasted, which was nice. Plus I met a fellow Red Dwarf fan, and we talked about that and Doctor Who. Shiny!

After the fireworks, some people left, and the rest of us played a word game and talked some more. I had a great time, and actually stayed until the party broke up around midnight.

Wow! There is life beyond zombies after all!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Parties Down

  1. annaliza

    “Life beyond zombies” … you crack me up!

    Speaking of zombies, have you read the YA series by Garth Nix–“Sabriel”, “Lirael”, and “Abhorsen”? Lots and lots of zombies, and necromancers, too. And a smart-mouth cat.


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