Pollyanna is Randomly Obsessed with Hands

Lyda here.

Both Pollyannas are obsessed with hands – but in a good way. Honestly, I had this post written long before Anna-Liza posted her tribute to hands; I was just waiting for the July-August issue of the magazine to come out before posting. Really, ya’ll. We are just weirdly tuned into the hands thing this month. No, really.  But I digress… wow, digressing before I even begin. Again.

Two, three, four… and then there was the time…

Ya’ll may remember that I write a kid’s book review column for Awareness Magazine. So I read new children’s books all the time. Authors: If you want your book(s) reviewed in the magazine, click “contact” on that link. The magazine runs reviews of grown-up books too. And lots of other cool articles. And the editor is awesome!

For the July-August 08 issue, I read and reviewed a wonderful picture book, and I decided to use it as one of my books for Pollyanna’s Reading in Wonderland Challenge:

The book is “In Grandpa’s Hands” by Marlena E. Uhrik, illustrated by Barbara Cervone. A simple and beautiful book, it is perfect for very young children, for pre-readers and early readers, for older children  – and adults too. It is a wonderful book for a grandparent and child to share. I highly recommend it.

Ya’ll, I taught preschool for seven years and did my Montessori thesis on reading aloud to preschoolers. Besides my mom creds. So, when I say this is an awesome book, trust me.

You can read my entire review of this book, and the others I reviewed for this issue, here on the Awareness website. If you want to read more of my reviews, click on the cover and search for “Lyda”.

And while you’re there, read the current issue. Check out the great articles and information.

Good stuff, Maynard!


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna is Randomly Obsessed with Hands

  1. annaliza

    I wonder if we’ll start getting searches with “hands” in them … along with zombies, rainbows, alpacas, chicken feathers, and Bruce Willis.


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