Pollyanna has the attention span of a… Hey, look over there!

Lyda here. I think this is the first time I have used “boobs” as a tag. So proud.

I’ve been reading back through Svanleck’s Weblog (now added to our blogroll, and about time) – she’s very funny, ya’ll – and came across this entry about attention span.

Um, anyway… what? Oh, yeah. Attention span.

In that post, she links to this Attention Span Test from Psychology Today. And ya’ll know I’m all about the quizzes.

I scored a 66, which doesn’t seem that bad to me. But it says:

According to your score, you sometimes have difficulty maintaining your focus on a task and following it through until completion. People who have short attention spans tend to jump from project to project and are often known to be quite disorganized…

Jump from project to project? Who, me??

Anyway, I think there should be an exemption for fiber-related WIPs, don’t ya’ll?

I also wandered over to Braindebris’s Weblog, where I discovered this hilarious post about fondling grandma’s boobs. Don’t hurt yourselves clicking that link too fast!  And then this Will Knit for Sex? post. Plus, she wrote a post about the Cookie Monster. Please note that I am carefully linking and giving her all the credit for this hilarity.  Naturally, I immediately added her to our blogroll for your reading enjoyment. The Pollyannas know what our gentle readers like.

Which in a weird and twisted way leads me to…

See, I don’t have a short attention span, I’m just afflicted with “Southern Storyteller Syndrome” – characterized by rambling stories that twist and digress and head off in weird and random directions but eventually get back to the point, which is a punch line of course.

Also characterized by long rambling sentences.

It’s an inherited disorder. I told the Resident Sith Master that he is in danger of developing it, and he said, and I quote, “Oh shit.”

Oh. I’m doing it, aren’t I? The digressing thing. See, just proves my point. Southern Storyteller Syndrome.

So, in conclusion…

Since I was getting quizzy with it over at Psychology Today’s website, I took their Sex Personality test.

My score on the sex test was…


Wait for it…


Yup. Still twelve.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna has the attention span of a… Hey, look over there!

  1. Marin

    OK, see… I’m a 70 on the attention deficit scale and they say I’m all healthy and well-rounded and can focus really well. So what the hell’s the difference between 70 and 66? Oh, I get it. It’s four.

    And I’m a sexual 67. Was that 69 with one person’s eyes closed?


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