Pollyanna Battles the Stash that Tried to Take Over the World

Lyda here.

I forgot to tell ya’ll that I organized my massive fabric stash. After the Great Purge of the Teenager’s Closet, and the subsequent yard sale, I had a bunch of empty plastic bins, in two sizes. Bins that had once held his toys and treasures. But they are now…

MINE, ALL MINE! Bwahahaha!

I washed the dust off with the hose and dried the bins in the sun. Then I pulled out my huge plastic storage bin that was trying to hold twice as much fabric as possible, and set to work.

I sorted my cotton quilting fabrics by the dominant color – all the blues together, all the greens, and so on. I was surprised I have so much pink fabric – ya’ll know how I feel about pink.  I also made a stack for multicolored fabric – patterned fabric with lots of colors and no clearly dominant one. This fabric could go with most of the other categories, so I want it where I can pull what works for different projects.

I sorted on top of the bed – under the close supervision of Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat of course. He loves to get on top of fabric, and he thought it was his birthday. All my fabric and projects must be Tom Cat approved. I think it’s a law.

As I suspected, I had more blues than any other color. So the blues got one of the medium-sized bins. Each of the other colors, and the multicolored stack, got its own smaller bin.

In the really huge storage bin, I put all of my special and non-cotton fabrics. Most of these are a yard or two of a fabric I needed even though I didn’t have a project in mind. Ya’ll know. I have some velvet, I have some satin, I have some other cool stuff. I have many yards of a lovely print that will be… something… someday. Maybe part of a very special quilt – maybe even one for myself. Or maybe curtains… 

Really, I need each of these fabrics. Ya’ll understand.

I used two of the medium bins for scraps – which previously lived in plastic grocery bags. Bins are so much nicer.  Being the Queen of Organization – otherwise known as the Crazy Cleaning-Obsessed Lady – I sorted the scraps into plastic baggies by size. Yes, I am insane.  I use scraps all the time for quilting. I used to spend so much time tunneling through my scraps, and now I can see what I’ve got at a glance.

I used another of the medium bins for patterns, and my embroidery supplies and hoops.

Hey, I could embroider again. No, really. It could happen. Anyway, I only haveone embroidery WIP, and another couple of kits.

Could be worse. Could be raining.

But I digress…

I may have mentioned, my clothes all fit on one side of my large bedroom closet. So I use the other half for fiber storage. Ya’ll are jealous.  Among other things.

So, in my fiber half of the closet, I lined the small bins along the closet shelf. I taped labels on the fronts, since I can’t really see into the bins. I put the huge bin of specialty fabrics on the floor, and stacked the bins of supplies, scraps, and blue fabric on top – all labeled, of course. Obsession, thy name is Lyda.

All my batting and stuffing is in the cabinet above the closet. The cabinet over the clothes side of the closet holds photo albums and pictures, and one bag of special children’s books I’m saving for potential grandkids. Or my senility. Whichever comes first.

The rolling cart with the sewing machine and the other tools of my quilting trade still fit in the closet too.

I had room to put my yarn and knitting supplies in the closet too. It’s a big closet.

Jealous much? Anyway, ya’ll have lots more yarn than I do.

And check this out.

The medium bins came from Ikea originally; they stack if you turn them one way and nestle if you turn them the other. They only cost a dollar each, and they’ve been working hard for at least 15 years. That’s six or seven cents a year. And they look brand new.

The small bins are from my teaching days – bought from another teacher for a buck a piece. (She was retiring.) I remember I thought that was a lot at the time. Amortized over twenty-five years, it’s four cents a year.

I always tell people that sturdy organization supplies are worth the investment. And that the investment doesn’t have to be huge.

See? Ya’ll should listen to me more often.

I was going to add things in response to Anna-Liza’s comment, but it turned into a post all its own.

Wordy much?

Yes. Yes I am.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Battles the Stash that Tried to Take Over the World

  1. annaliza

    Oooo, sturdy organizational supplies. Preferably coordinated so they all work together well. I’ll make a list.

  2. savanvleck

    Lyda, I am soooo jealous. I know exactly every word of what you mean. I have fabric, I had to get x yards because I might make an X one day and it was on sale, or just too gorgeous. Only, now it sits in closed up rubbermaids, in my studio.
    Someday, I will have my closet back, if only by force. Sheryl

  3. lyda Post author

    Yes, take back the closet! Heh. Sounds like it should be on a t-shirt at a rally.

    The weird thing about the fabric collection is that my tastes have evolved. Things I got on sale or from the remnant bin years ago – I look at them now and go “meh.” So it just… sits. Sort of a fabric history, I guess.

    And you should have seen my mom’s fabric stash! It filled a whole huge closet when I was growning up. I wish I’d saved it – I could have sewed from stash forever.


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