Pollyanna Gallops Along

Lyda here. Ah, what a lovely time I’m having with my current quilting projects. If I  could live off my quilting, art, and writing, life would be perfect. Wait, I also want cable. And a maid. But I digress…

The center design for the Patriotic Cowboy Quilt is made up of nine-patches (for you non-quilters, nine-patches have 9 squares in them – hence the name). I designed two color combinations for the nine-patches, and alternated them across the quilt. Because there is so much pattern in the fabric, I did not stray from these two color combinations (colors in same positions for each nine-patch), but varied the amount and kind of pattern on the fabrics. I like the way it came out. Some of the nine-patches seem random; some look carefully planned. Some are sparse; some are very busy.

I finished the design Friday night. Saturday, I sewed the 2″ squares into rows, and then sewed the rows together.

My plan as of Saturday is to add borders, as the quilt is still a bit small. Yes, I wrote this on Saturday and scheduled it to post later in the week. Yes, I am a dork.  Maybe a pieced border with more of the 2″ squares from the bandanas, and a blue border. Maybe a red border after that. We shall see – it depends on the size of the quilt as I add the borders.

Updates as they occur.



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