Pollyanna Reins Herself In

Lyda here. Are ya’ll getting tired of the cowgirl references yet? I hope not!  I got a million of ’em.

This Sunday was all about the Patriotic Cowboy Quilt. And I do mean “all” – I watched TV and I worked on the quilt. Period. My stomach had to remind me to eat.  Tommy had to remind me to take cat-petting breaks.

Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat is merciless in enforcing break time. He will get on top of the sewing machine, or the fabric, or my lap, and insist that I pet him. One of his Sith powers is Adorability, and I am helpless against it.

So, as you know, the center of the quilt was completed Saturday, but was too small even for a baby quilt. So I added a solid blue border, using stash fabric that exactly matches the medium blue bandana. Then I made a pieced border with more 2″ squares from the bandanas, and then another solid blue border.

The blue borders set off the center, and give the eye a rest from the busy-ness of the patterned fabric. This is the first time I’ve done a pieced border, but it won’t be the last. I really like how it looks between the two blue borders.

The quilt top looks awesome – and is big enough! I do have pictures, but they are still in the disposable camera – I’ll try to get the film used up so I can post pics.

Then I debated going hog-wild on the backing. Heh. I told ya’ll I had a million of ’em.  How cool would it be to have a cowboy print for the backing? And maybe add it as a border too. Yee-Haw!!

Or a stars-and-stripes fabric. Which I know are on sale right now at the fabric store, since I was there last week.

Buying thread to hand-quilt the Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy” Heart Quilt. That’s all. And a fabric marking pencil. Really, that’s all I got. I swear!

And yes, I still haven’t quilted the Heart Quilt. I got distracted by the Mystery Projects. Which are totally done now. If a certain person would answer the email I sent, I could ship all the Mystery Projects out. And finally tell you what they are.

Kelly? Are you there? Hello?? Hey you. Other people answered my emails. I’m just sayin’, is all.

But I digress… a lot.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. The Patriotic Cowboy Quilt ranch, that is.

But after much measuring, I decided there was enough blue and red fabric, and I did not go to buy fabric. Not as much fun as fabric shopping, but definitely good for stash busting.

I used the red fabric as the center of the backing, with one blue border (the same width as the blue borders on the front). This made the back as big as the front.  I did the backing on Monday night. Yes, I’m totally obsessed.

Tuesday I pinned the layers together, and the thing was ready to quilt.

The quilting itself? I’m so glad you asked. Well, you would have asked if I’d given you a chance. I know ya’ll are fascinated by all this. Oh, hush. 

My plan is to stitch-in-the-ditch around each of the nine-patches. This will give them just a bit of definition without adding anything distracting.

For quilting on the borders, I’d love to do five-pointed stars –Lone Star State, July 4th – or something else appropriate. But I do want to get this done before my youngest grand-nephew receives his Ph.D. So it may be something simpler.

And then I will make a quilt for his big brother, for which I have gotten some ideas from his proud grandmother (my beautiful and wonderful sis-in-law). There may be some fabric purchased for that quilt, as I am getting low on kid-friendly fabrics.

And I don’t think the big brother would want fabric printed with pink cabbage roses. Why, why do I have so much of this?? What will I ever use it for?

I know. I’m going nuts with the quilting. It keeps me busy and cheers me up. Which I need right now.  But I’ve decided that my rule for making quilts is the same as Spiderman’s rule for saving people.

One each. Luckily, I’m getting these grand-nephews in early, with small quilts. Adults may have to be content with a wall hanging or a Mystery Project or something.

Because a person can only make so many king-sized quilts in her lifetime.

No matter how insane she is.

Unless someone wants to pay me to make a quilt for them. That, I would totally do. Or someone wants to support me while I quilt all day and night – that works for me too. Call now, operators are standing by.

But I digress again…

The Resident Sith Master is the exception to the rule. I have already made three quilts for him.

But that’s different, ya’ll.

No, really.

It is too.

Oh, hush.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Reins Herself In

  1. Marin

    Isn’t “cowgirl” a sort of dirty thing? Could you be subtly twelve here?

    I’ve just read about it in Cosmo. I’ve never even figured out exactly what it is, just that if I’m the cowgirl I get to ride.

    Anyway, I’ve now co-opted your nice quilting discussion for another round of “Are You Naughtier than a Twelve-Year-Old?”

  2. annaliza

    I’ve heard of “reverse cowgirl”, so I figure “cowgirl” must be the reverse of “reverse cowgirl” … but I digress.
    King-size quilt? When did you do that? Not with 2-inch squares, I hope?

  3. lyda Post author

    Ride ’em, cowgirls! Yes, yes I am naughtier than a twelve-year-old!! And so are you two!

    Eric’s current quilt is king-sized (completed in pre-blogging days). Definitely not with 2-inch squares, though. (And it’s tied instead of quilted, because it needed to be DONE.)


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