Pollyanna Has Super Powers – Random, Weird Super Powers

Lyda here. RANDOM WEIRDNESS Super Powers!

1.) First, some Random Weirdness Shopping.

Check this out: Hedgehog Shower FriendAm I the only one who has trouble believing women are using it to massage their heads? It’s good to have friends in the shower.

2.) You can get in the mood for your shower with these hunks.

3.) Marin needs these salt-and-pepper shakers . And so do two of my brothers. As GAAE brother used to sing, “Oh, oh, there’s a solution… H2SO4…”

4.) They also have a Frog Turner. In case ya’ll have any frogs you need turned. Hey, I’m not judging. Pollyanna is just here to help. 

5.) And here’s a plate for your frog – Jane, do you see those?

6.) Of course, after all that showering and frog turning, you may need a rest. And what could be better than this to rest your well-massaged head on?

7.) The frig magnets are for Anna-Liza.

Okay, probably enough from that site. Moving on…

8.) Have ya’ll discovered Threadbared.com yet? Lots of mocking of old knitware and other catalogs. Like this one. Bwahahaha! Check out the 60s page. Heh.

Ya’ll have to see the Epic of Barbie and Ken. “Put down the crochet hook and come out with your hands up.”

9.) Their book looks like a hoot too. Lots of “What were they thinking?!” fun. I wonder if the library has it?

10.) I told ya’ll I had super powers.





You and me both, kitteh.


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Has Super Powers – Random, Weird Super Powers

  1. lyda Post author

    Bwahahahahaha! The precipitate! The Resident Sith Master laughed really hard at that too.

    Yes, I should print out the LOLcat for my frig. (I knew you’d love the magnets.)

  2. Marin

    salt and pepper shakers… sold out… superconsumer pressure falling…

    p.s. — I did get the skull ‘n’ crossbones ice trays a couple of weeks ago. And the Tartx gothic wineglass markers came just before I left for the lake (Mary loved them).

    Anytime you point me toward something, you should probably get a commission.

  3. annaliza

    There’s this little shop on Main Street here in Longmont that sells pirate stuff and skull stuff and just plain ol’ snarky stuff. They have a magnet that says “I lost my virginity, but I still have the box it came in.” (Which I would buy, except I am entirely not ready to explain it to the kidlets.)
    Cool store just a couple blocks from my house, LydaKay. Just sayin’.

  4. lyda Post author

    You’re right, Marin – I should get a commission! Hey, new career, finding weird things to suit people’s tastes. (Wait, why does that sound so dirty? Oh right – twelve!)

    Ah, I see the Campaign is goin’ strong.


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