Pollyanna Wonders What the Hell You People Are Thinking


Search Views
heathers 3
sunshine patch quilt 2
cosmic 2
toddlers quilts 1
john wayne+fabric 1
mysteries of the sith 1
new zombie movies 1


Search Views
heathers 4
alpaca 3
psychedelic felt felted felted 3
haystack filetype:jpg 3
crocheted shark 3
pollyannas booklist 2
2 heads 2
mexican restaurant murals 2
cat toy 2
new zombie movies 2

Anna-Liza here. These aren’t the weirdest search terms people have used to get here, but the combination struck me as odd. And, while “heathers” was the top search term both days, “bruce willis” didn’t even show up, whether young or bald or just plain and unadorned. And no mention of erotic chicken feathers–that’s probably good. But … “cosmic”? All by itself? Who searches on “cosmic”? “John Wayne + fabric” will definitely get you here, but who was looking for that besides Lyda? And how on earth were we cited for “mexican restaurant murals”?

And “psychedelic felt felted felted” got multiple views?


One thought on “Pollyanna Wonders What the Hell You People Are Thinking

  1. lyda

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    Dude, we are, like, so cosmic. And “psychedelic felt felted felted”, apparently.


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