Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Hot Springs of Contentment

Anna-Liza reporting. Darlin’ K and I went to Steamboat Springs last Friday night a while back, having arranged other accommodations for the kidlets overnight. (Okay, so I started this post and didn’t get to finish until now. So sue me.)

Darlin’ K was participating in a fire show at Strawberry Park, and I was his designated groupie assistant for the evening. Not that I actually did much assisting, other than helping him carry his gear, but it got me on the “free entry” list. (I’m a competent safety spotter, but they had more than they needed already.)

No pix of the show, sorry. I could have brought the camera, but I was afraid I’d drop it into one of the hot springs pools. Actually, I wasn’t afraid I would, I knew I would! It was spectacular, though. Steamboat is high enough, and Strawberry Park is far out enough, that you can lie in the pools and really see the Milky Way–really see how and why our ancestors came up with constellations. I’m not sure how they could have avoided it, if they saw the stars like that every night. And there are no artificial lights at the pool area at Strawberry Park, so the fire was … intense. We got to see a lot of people we haven’t seen in a long while, reconnect with our Burning Man community, and even stayed with Michael M, who hasn’t seen us in at least two years and who kindly gave us a futon to crash on after the show.

He also has a spectacular view over Steamboat from his condo. This is what we saw when we woke up the next morning. (Yes, it was technically still morning!)


MM's view of Steamboat to the right

MM's view of Steamboat to the right

We had a very nice trip, a reasonable night’s sleep (I think we managed 7 hours), and a really lovely breakfast at Freshies Restaurant–excellent food and coffee. I had an omelet with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, and baby spinach. Yum. After that, we drove back down to Longmont, where I had just enough time to freshen up and change for Marin’s Nintendo party — yeah, it was that weekend. So I’m behind. I didn’t want to waste the pictures!
More Colorado scenery (yes, the white stuff is snow):         
And, one of the things I love about Colorado is that people understand that sometimes, a girl just needs to Kum & Go:

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