Pollyanna Celebrates The Cold Stuff

Lyda here.

Today – Sunday, July 20th – is National Ice Cream Day! Really! They even reported about it on “Sunday Morning” – see! That’s one of my favorite news shows, by the way.

It’s our national duty to indulge today.

Don’t be discouraged if you miss it – July is National Ice Cream Month. So there’s plenty of time. 

Ya’ll could try out one of these activity suggestions. Or see what your favorite flavor says about you.

Or follow Pollyanna’s lead, and let Ben & Jerry do all the work.

Oh, time to celebrate some more!

I’m so patriotic.


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna Celebrates The Cold Stuff

  1. annaliza

    Ice cream is to me what brains are to zombies … my first job was at a Baskin Robbins! (I gained some weight that summer, I tell yuuu whuuut!!

  2. lyda Post author

    Wow! I didn’t know that. My first paid job was in a pizza parlor – I learned to throw the dough in the air and everything. (I sense a future Pollyanna quiz question, kids.)


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