Pollyanna Ponies Up

Lyda here. Again with the cowgirl stuff. And with good reason.

No, no, not pony playWarning: If you are at work, or easily offended, don’t open that. Also, don’t Google “pony play” – okay? Not that you are reading this at work. I know ya’ll are all working hard at work. The. Whole. Time.  Wait until you get home to indulge your curiousity. BTW, I learned about pony play from this episode of “Bones“. Television is educational, ya’ll.

Here’s a safer cowboy link for ya’ll. “Save a horse” indeed. And because I know what ya’ll like – here’s another tribute to cowboys. Yum. Those two are safer for work. Not that ya’ll are reading this at work.

Anyway… moseying on…

I’ve been working a lot on the Patriotic Cowboy Quilt. I’m almost done quilting it, and then I just have to do the binding. Woo-hoo!

I machine quilted 1/4″ from the seam on both the inside and outside of each nine-patch square. Then I did the same to outline the three borders.  I used red thread to blend in with the backing and make a double outline of each square on the front. Machine quilting this way adds strength to the seams, and I hope this quilt will need it. I hope it will be cuddled and dragged around and washed and cuddled some more.

I had considered quilting a design on the first blue border, but it looks good this way. And I’m eager to get started on the next project – the quilt for my newest grand-nephew’s big brother. My second-newest grand-nephew.

It shall be called the The Jungle Quilt. Mostly so I can stupidly reference this song. “In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the nephew sleeps tonight…”  Also, this song by Jethro Tull. And maybe this song too… Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Last week, I pulled out my fabrics and contemplated them. I wanted to make a quilt with animal prints and bright colors.

I didn’t have what I wanted. I considered making another quilt with tiny teeny squares, using stash fabrics.

But I admit, I’m tired of tiny teeny squares.

I’m tired of my stash fabrics. There’s nothing wrong with them; I’ve just been using nothing else for the last three months. 

And I didn’t have enough of any fabric to make the backing for another quilt.

Except the pink cabbage rose print. And even that would have to be pieced together. And would be a controversial choice for this particular quilt. And I don’t like the fabric much anyway. And the sun was in my eyes… But I digress…

Ya’ll know where this is going, right?

That’s right. I broke my no-new-fabric resolution.

I bought fabric.

And I’m glad!! Glad, do you hear!!


Anna-Liza – Imagine the extra blog hits we’ll get for this post. And the search terms. The mind reels.

Also, ya’ll, I may be unique. I included dirty links in a post about a baby quilt. I am one sick puppy.

But not a pony. Just to be clear.

But I’m digressing again…

More about the new quilt next time. Or the time after that…

I’ve gotta go find me a cowboy.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Ponies Up

  1. lyda Post author

    Heh. Step away from the pony!!! Really, Red, I have no purient interest in ponies.

    Cowboys, on the other hand… Bwahahaha!

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