Pollyanna Has a Very Superior Husband

Hi, Anna-Liza here, as I’m sure you figured out.

Darlin’ K took that “1930s spouse” test, got rated Very Superior by quite a large margin. This did not surprise me the least little bit, but I think it may have surprised him! (He may be known as VSH on the blog now, at least sometimes).

I retook it while he gave me his opinions on my answers, and my rating got boosted into the Superior range. Then he took the “wife” test and I took the “husband” test, and I am apparently a Very Superior Husband too (but not quite so high a score) and he is also a Superior Wife. Apparently it’s easier to be Very Superior on the husband side of the balance.

Anyway, I wanted to bring all of this up again because today is our anniversary. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! I love you.


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Has a Very Superior Husband

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