Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Vampire AND Zombie

Lyda here. I went to bed at 10 p.m. I got up at 1:30 a.m. I’ve been sitting at the computer since, playing spider solitaire, reading blogs, and wandering the Cosmic Innernetting. I took a short break when the Resident Sith Master got up to get some water. In the morning, he may or may not remember our short conversation, or even that he was up. Sleep walking runs in the family. Or lurches. Whatev.

Why am I up?? I haven’t a clue. I was so tired today. I maybe had a little extra caffeine, but not mega doses. It was a bad day with the fibromyalgia, so I took two doses of Vicodine (properly spaced, one in the afternoon, one just before bed). Vicodine used to put me to sleep. What happened?   I went to bed very sleepy, read a bit, fell asleep. Nothing new or unusual in any of this.

Then I had a really great dream (yeah, one of those dreams). And I was wide awake.

I’ll be a basket case tomorrow. A total zombie. Even more than usual, I mean. And the cat refuses to let me sleep in. I tell you, he’s trying to kill me.

And now I’m hungry. Who is hungry at 3:48 am?? Other than babies still on their night feeding, I mean.

And vampires. Who are also on their night feeding. Heh. Have ya’ll read “Bloodsucking Fiends“? Great book. Did you know there is a sequel? Oh, and here’s another of his I didn’t know about. Must. Read. I love Christopher Moore’s books.

Although I can never remember his name. I have to wander the bookstore, or look up one of the titles on the computer. It’s not like it’s a difficult spelling or anything. It’s weird – like I have a mental block against his name or something.

But I digress…

I obviously need a keeper.

Or a real sex life.

In my wanderings, I discovered this site – Cake Decorating, the Dark Side. Sorry, I can’t remember whose blog lead me to the link. Did I mention it’s almost 4 am? I’ll come back tomorrow (shit, I mean later today) and figure it out. Wait, I remembered, it was here on That is So Queer…

The Swedish chef makes cakes that look better than those – and he’s a Muppet. YouTube has everything, I tell ya.

And this blog makes my Inner English teacher laugh. And this blog which has all kinds of geeky goodness, including Star Wars cakes. And I discovered that Spidey will be swinging and singing on Broadway. I think they should make “SpiderPig: The Musical“. But that’s just me.

Did you know Alan Rickman made a film called “Snow Cake“? Here’s the trailer. Searching IMDb resulted in 7 movies/TV shows named “Cake”, and over 75 movies/TV shows with “cake” in the title. Plus a lot more cake references. See? Who knew there was so much cake in movies?

Cake is everywhere. Except my kitchen. Dammit.

I discovered this guy, who is as obsessed with cake as I am. And this cartoon – I need a boyfriend who is this determined to bring me cake!

Cake or Death?

Why not both? Make your own Dalek cake (with a bonus Doctor Who clip).


Hey, I think I figured out why I’m hungry…

Hrumph. Don’t have any cake.

This nice cold water is just as good, though. Water. Yum.

Dammit. No sex. No cake.

Might as well go back to bed.

It’s past five in the morning now. Finally sleepy again. Heading back to bed now.

Maybe I’ll dream of cake. To dream, perchance to sleep…

Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Vampire AND Zombie

  1. Marin

    Christopher Moore’s “The Stupidest Angel” made me snort moist clouds of amusement all over the cats when I read it. I love Christopher Moore.

    OK, going to interview cute policemen to come to your rescue. You clearly could use a little cute policeman in your nightly routine.

  2. lyda Post author

    Oh, Marin, you are a true friend. A cute policeman would be just the ticket. Or a cute fireman. A cute cowboy… I’m easy. (Heh, and I still can’t get any.)

    I did the same with “The Stupidest Angel”. Twisted and funny and intelligent – my favorites.

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  4. Nancy G

    Lyda, at least part of the problem may be the Vicodin. You would think that narcotic=drowsy, but that stuff keeps DH awake for hours, even with Ambien thrown in to the mix. I, on the other hand, seem to have insomnia for no apparent reason. I try to look at the bright side (if there is one), it does give me more uninterrupted knitting and reading time. Of course, I’m a zombie the next day…

  5. lyda Post author

    NancyG, I think the Vicodin did help keep me up that night. But I hardly ever take it, so it isn’t the usual suspect.

    The doctors think my insomnia is related to the fibromyalgia and also to the massive amounts of stress in my life. And maybe perimenopause – which also screws with sleep patterns.

    All I know is I’m a zombie almost every day.

    Insomniac Zombies Unite!!

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