Pollyanna and the Search Terms of Weirdness

Lyda here. Once again, we puzzle over the Search Terms of Weirdness. Along with the ubiquitous searches for “Heathers” and “knitted shark pattern“, we now have “two headed dragon” as a regular search.

We have the logical searches – I did mention “bells on graves(here). I wrote about “plastic bins” just the other day. Anna-Liza did a post about “row counters“. 

And one can understand how someone looking for “quilting square sunshine” could end up here.

But these… well, they are just poetic in their weirdness.

belly loungers for laptop users
drumming sloth
tribal dragon wings
dead under branches of lavender
animal needles
long tongue

2 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the Search Terms of Weirdness

  1. annaliza

    You know, I’m particularly intrigued by the “long tongue” search. I’m pretty sure we’ve had it more than once.

    The search term, I mean. I will not confirm or deny any rumors about any tongues, long or otherwise, Lyda and I may or may not have had.


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