Pollyanna Has Bad News for the Evil Sith

Lyda here. Okay, I’m a picture thief. But it’s not really theft, because she gave me permission.  Here is a photo that KarenM / Mintlatte took of the bag I made for her. I love the cool “Dream” hook thing.


Go over and read her post about it and see more pictures.

Really, check it out.

Ya’ll, I think Tommy the Sith Apprentice Cat may have finally met his Jedi match…


2 thoughts on “Pollyanna Has Bad News for the Evil Sith

  1. Kelly

    VERY COOL! I got my cool bag in the mail yesterday but SOMEONE dropped and broke my camera at Marine Biology Camp! Hmmmmm… what curly headed teen could have done THAT? I’m going to borrow a camera and post about my cool stuff ASAP!

    You’ve got some mad skillz Miss Lyda! I love my bag! (Bear and Sasha love the prezzies from Tommy too!)


  2. lyda Post author

    Hmmm, who could it have been? My curly headed teen was no where near your camera, he swears! I’m so glad you got it!


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