Pollyanna Pigs Out to Cheer Up

Lyda here. Depression of Doom has been really bad lately, ya’ll.

But Anna-Liza got her package from me. Woo-hoo! Has anyone else gotten their package yet? Bueller? Anyone?

So, to prevent massive whining on my part  to brighten your Monday morning – let’s start the week with some Pig Licking!

1.) I found these for the Desk o’ Living Creatures: cow measuring tape, rabbit scissors, and python staple remover.

And this for the Desk o’ Attitude. I love it – “Escape before it’s too late!” “Don’t turn into a zombie!”

And for domestic stuff, I like these Roman numeral birthday candles. No one will ever figure out how old you are!  And these Strawz, perfect for budding engineers. And this ice cube bling.

2.) Check out this museum. Really, ya’ll will be glad you clicked the link. And can I just say, TWELVE!!

3.) And check out this stash. It’s… it’s like a yarn temple… I… I just… I’m verklempt… Give me a moment… Talk among yourselves

4.) If you’re going to lose your mind, do it with style. Or do it with gibberish. Whatev.

5.) Just one more of those, just for Twelve-sake. Bwahahaha. I’ve worked for that guy – haven’t you?

6.) ALPACAS!!! Ya’ll know you can’t resist… the Power of the Alpaca.

Plenty of fiber-bearing and non-fiber bearing animal cuteness here.

But most importantly of all:



3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Pigs Out to Cheer Up

  1. KarenM.

    Yes, ms. Lyda..I got mine…. it is beeeyoootiiifull……
    see my blog…and steal the pics, if you want the super biggies they are on my flickr….. 🙂

  2. lyda Post author

    Marin – yes CAKE!!! You can have the cute policeman bring it with him…

    KarenM – I’m so glad you like it! Heading to your blog now to see your awesome post!!! And steal pics (thanks!!!)


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