Pollyanna and the Random Weirdness of Zombies

Lyda here. Time for some more Random Weirdness. This week:

The Random Weirdness of Zombies

I can’t believe I haven’t done an all-zombie Random Weirdness post before. It’s way overdue.

1.) Zombie slaves are so hard to steer! But LOL kitteh tries.

2.) Cat and Girl meet Zombie Dorothy Parker  – with bonus Zombie Oscar Wilde. Cat and Girl crack me up. Check out this one.

Edited to add: Future Corpses of America shirts!

3.) Zombie squids!

4.) Zombie bunny!

5.) Line from last Friday’s episode of “Perry Mason” (yes, my life really is this exciting): “She took off out of there like she’d seen a zombie!” I swear, someone really said that.

6.) Keep the blood off your clothes with a Zombie Hunter apron.

7.) Crochet your own zombie girl!

8.) Stock your Zombie Farm! That sale sounds like my kind of fun. And those sound like my kind of neighbors.

9.) An interesting top ten list of zombie movies. The reviews are detailed enough to help you decide if you want to rush out and rent the films – or avoid them like a zombie plague.

10.) And I love this “Zombie Boyfriends Bite” t-shirt.

Hmmm, a zombie boyfriend…

Pollyanna now returns ya’ll to your normal zombie-free zone.


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