Pollyanna Leaves the Ranch and Heads into the Jungle

Lyda here. Hey, we passed 30,000 views – thank you all!!!

More good news: I’m reporting a Finished Object of the Quilt Kind! Shiny!

Saturday, I finished the Patriotic Cowboy Quilt for my littlest grand-nephew. The front of the quilt looks great. I quilted it with red thread, which looks great on the other fabrics on the front – and mostly disappears on the (mostly red) backing.

There are pictures, in the disposable camera, so when I get them developed and scanned, I’ll post some. I don’t recommend holding your breath, ya’ll. But I digress…

The backing shifted during quilting. I’m mad at myself for not basting the layers before I quilted. The shift wouldn’t have mattered with a solid backing. But because I didn’t have enough of one fabric for the back, I did a border on the back. Because the backing shifted, the backing border doesn’t look even. So it is less square and more… free. Yeah, that’s it. Free. Don’t fence me in, ya’ll.

I’m sure it’s one of those things no one else will notice. At least not much. Certainly my grand-nephew won’t care. And his parents (my nephew “Skywalker” and his lovely wife) are too sweet to mention it. And so are his grandparents (My Brother the Doctor and my gracious sis-in-law).

Certainly they will appreciate the spirit of the quilt, and the time and love I put into it.

It’s just me here, beating myself up for not creating a perfect quilt. All because I was in too much of a hurry to baste. As Jebus is my witness, I’ll never not baste again!

I think I should get a pass for any minor flaws  unique design elements because I finished this quilt in the same month of the baby’s birth. Unlike other projects which were… longer in completion *cough three years cough*.

Anyway… moving on…

Leaving the ranch…

Heading off into the jungle…

Time to start working on The Jungle Quilt for my other small grand-nephew.

Beginnings are so full of promise…


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