Pollyanna is a Bag Lady

Lyda here. At long last, the Mystery Quilting Projects are mysterious no longer! The recipients have received them, so I can finally blog about them.

I created five Not-So-Square Bags. As you know from this post on KarenM’s blog, and this response, and this post on Marin’s blog.  Four went to the winners of the Name That Scarf! contest –  as I told you in this post – and one went to Anna-Liza to show off for her birthday. And as a thank-you. She knows why.

Okay, enough digression by linking…

These bags are about 12 inches by 12 inches. Big enough to hold the yarn and needles for a scarf or socks or small project. Small enough to fit inside a big tote or suitcase if needed.

My rule for making these gift bags was to use only what I had on hand. Although I did cheat and buy a spool of red thread when I ran out. It was really really hard to only buy thread at the fabric store. I’m telling ya’ll, it was a struggle. Fabric is my crack. But I digress…

I used leftover 2-inch squares I had cut for the Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy” Heart Quilt. More on that project in the next post.

The other fabric was all from stash, mostly scraps left over from other projects. It took some creativity to come up with lining fabric that worked for each bag using only my stash fabrics, but I am pleased with the results.

These were so fun to make that I made myself a couple of bags too. Mine are made from cloth strips. One is a small bag made of strips of fabric from the Heart Quilt. The other bag is larger, made from fabric left from a fence rail quilt I made years ago. Since they are made from strips, I guess these are Stripper Bags. I crack myself up.

Both of these bags are nice small quilting projects for trying out different techniques and color combinations. I experimented a lot and had fun. I see more of these bags in my future. Hey, I’m psychic!

There may be Not-So-Square Bag and Stripper Bag tutorials later.

Just so I can say that I taught ya’ll to strip.


If anyone wants to buy a handmade bag, just email me at lydakayATaolDOTcom. (Ya’ll know, replace AT with @ and DOT with .)  You can pick colors and/or a theme, and I’ll make you a bag.


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