Pollyanna Works on Her Heart

Lyda here. The Increasingly Inaccurately Named “Easy” Heart Quilt, that is. Which is based on the cover quilt from this book – but I made three hearts in a row instead of the whole quilt in the book. Because this was supposed to be an easy project. Easy. Right.  This quilt wasn’t easier, really, but I have learned so much from working with these teeny tiny squares. I’m a much better quilter because of this quilt, and because of that book – which I’ve checked out from the library about five times now.

The Heart Quilt feels like my journeyman project – the project that I’m making to show I’m ready to move from apprentice status. Not that I have to show it to a quilting master, but I have to show myself how far I’ve come.

Example: I looked at a pattern with a zipper and my first thought was, “oh, I can’t do zippers.” Ya’ll, I haven’t even TRIED to do a zipper since Home Ec in 7th grade. I need to prove to myself that I’m not still that raw.

But I digress…

So, I’m working again on the Heart Quilt. The quilt top has been sewn together for a while, but I got distracted by Mystery Projects and nephew quilts. The sun was in my eyes…  The truth is, this quilt is so beautiful, I’m afraid I’ll screw it up.

I want it to have six words on it: Love, Light, Joy, Writer, Artist, Teacher. (Each separately, at different points on the quilt.) I thought about buying little gold charms or pins that say those words, in script writing. 

And then I found these very cool word charms. I like the “love” charm very much. But of course she’s already sold it. Check out her etsy shop.  I wonder if I could make or find something similar… hmmm… time for a trip to the craft store?

Uh-oh. Danger, Will Robinson!

I decided that first I’d try embroidering one word on the quilt in metallic gold thread. I’m not an embroidery pro like Jane, so I had no idea if it would look good.

I finished the “E” for “love” on Wednesday night, and decided I’d ponder and look at it for a bit before proceeding.

I looked at it over the course of Thursday morning. It didn’t work for this, so I picked the stitches out. It was too big, and distracted from the quilt instead of adding to it. I think little charms or pins would be much better. Maybe with a bit of ribbon to hold them in place. Or maybe not.

So, I pinned the quilt layers together again. I’ll baste it together, and then start hand-quilting it. I haven’t hand-quilted one of my quilts yet; usually I machine quilt them, or even just tie them. Hand quilting will be worth it for this quilt, as I can be much more precise. It will also be a good lap project for when I don’t want to sit at the sewing machine.

Since this is a wall hanging and doesn’t need to be washable, I can use metallic gold and metallic red thread for some of the quilting. But I bought plenty of regular thread for quilting, in colors to go with the different colors of the quilt. The metallic will be only for bits of it. For one thing, metallic thread is harder to work with, at least for me.  I haven’t decided yet on which bits I’ll use the metallic. I don’t want the thread to detract from this quilt. 

But I’m glad I tried embroidering the “E”, because I realized that the gold thread embroidery would work very well on other projects.

Like a crazy quilt. I want to do a crazy quilt soon. I’ll probably make a crazy quilt bag first, and then I’m thinking of making a crazy quilt wall hanging for over my bed.

And I want to make a quilt/comforter cover for my own bed, with butterfly and Oriental prints.

And I have to make things for the Pay It Forward Challenge, because the deadline is the end of October. I said, “the first five people who comment” and Jane is the one who got me into this, so there are three spaces left in the Challenge if anyone wants to join in the fun. But read that contract first.

And then there is this other project I have in mind…

After I finish the Heart Quilt.

And The Jungle Quilt for the grandnephew.

Ya’ll know how it is.


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