Pollyanna and the So-Called Center-Pull Balls (of Doom?)

Hi, Anna-Liza here. A good friend has loaned me her swift, ball winder, and yardage meter for an indefinite period, so I can start winding all my unwound stash. It’s a good thing about the “indefinite period” part, because this is going to take a while. A good, long while with many breaks in between. The only place I have to set up my ball-winding center is on the kitchen table, which is also where we eat and do pretty much everything else that needs a table. I have more unwound stash than I realized! Although, not as much as I did when I started this project. The kittehs, of course, are doing their best to help drive me insane. See?


I have “before” pictures, but not yet much in the way of “after”.

 This was free yarn. It’s wool/alpaca, but it’s a mess of tangles. There’s a lot more if this in several colors, but putting pictures of tangled messes out for everyone to see isn’t going to be good for anyone’s mental health. There’s blue, tan, green and maroon as well as cream.

 These are all still untangled in the skeins (so far). The two so-called center-pull balls in front are the first two I wound. They’re wool/tencel, about 100 yards each. They’ll probably end up as a scarf.

 Those are Araucania hand painted sock yarn, two skeins of a discontinued colorway. I’m not sure if they’ll be socks or maybe a lacy shawl (small) or scarf. Or maybe even a shrug. I’ve got them wound up, but haven’t taken a picture yet. I have maybe 700 yards.

As you can see, a lot of the yarns I like come in skeins, and I am not one of those people who can knit from a skein. I tend to make a tangled mess extremely quickly … like during the cast on. Of course, so-called center-pull balls have their dangers, too. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just too klutzy to actually knit from the center of a so-called center-pull ball. I get yarn barf and tangles and it all ends in tears. So I usually just knit from the outside. Here’s a hint–the fuzzier the yarn, the more likely that knitting from the center will end in tragedy.

The yardage meter has been very helpful, although I know it’s not exact. The more slippery yarns slip off the wheel if I’m not careful. Some of the yarn I have has more yardage than the label indicates, some has less. So take the “approximate” part of “approximate yardage” seriously!

We just had a bunch of free yarn put out in the break room at work–cleaning out storage, you see–and now I have even more. A lot of what I picked up this time is already in balls, but there are a few skeins I’m going to have to wind. As far as organizing my stash, I seem to be going backwards here! Lyda! Organizing power ACTIVATE!


4 thoughts on “Pollyanna and the So-Called Center-Pull Balls (of Doom?)

  1. jewlbal3

    Yes, yes — I feel your pain! I’ve had days-long yarn winding episodes myself — not fun during, but well worth it after!

    Love reading your blog — fun stuff here!

  2. lyda

    Well, at least you have good kitteh helpers!

    I always knew that Zombie Anna-Liza would say “YAAARRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN!!”

    Activating Remote Organizing… in 3..2..1…GO!

    {is it working yet?}

  3. annaliza Post author

    Thanks, Red! Just you wait–I have at least one, maybe two posts all about stash organizing coming up. “It’ll be a good blog post” being the thing that finally pushed me to do something about it.

    Or, Lyda, it could be that the Remote Organizing Power is, in fact, working.

    Thanks to you, too, Jewell! OMG,you have an Etsy shop! I’m never going to get organized now! (I saw at least three sock patterns I want just glancing at your opening page … )


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