Pollyanna Searches for the Right Words

Lyda here. This is a weird post. But press on, brave readers – and learn how you can contribute to the delinquency of a quilter  the creation of quilted weirdness  a work of art.

I saw some “Lucky Charms” fabric on sale when I was shopping for The Jungle Quilt. No, I was not hallucinating at the time. At least not about the fabric. Really. It was this fabric.

Why would they print fabric with a cereal’s name and logo on it? Why? What would you make with it? If you made kid’s pajamas with it, would your kid ever eat Wheaties again?

It’s just weird.

So of course it appeals to me.

And it inspires me to start a new project.

For this project, I’m going to collect fabrics with words printed on them. It doesn’t matter what words, or what kind of fabric. And I don’t need big pieces of each fabric – fat quarters, remnants, even small scraps will work.

I’m interested in fabrics with words in English, and also fabrics with words in other languages. And fabrics with different ways of writing, like Chinese or Japanese characters, Egyptian cuneiform, and so on. It doesn’t matter what colors or what else is on the fabric – cereal box leprechauns, cartoon sphinxes, whatever, it’ll all work.

If you have any scraps of these kind of fabrics cluttering up your stash and want to get rid of them, send them on over. I’d love to assist in your decluttering. It’s all about helping ya’ll. Yeah.

Or if you stumble across a fabric like this in the bargain bin and want to contribute it to this craziness  project, that would be awesome.

Actually, you can send me any extra fabric you’ve got. “Extra fabric” – now there’s an oxymoron.  I promise to give it a good home. You can email me at lydakayATaolDOTcom.

Look at me.

Soliciting fabric on the Internet.

Sad. Very sad.

My name is Lyda, and I’m a fabric-aholic.


One thought on “Pollyanna Searches for the Right Words

  1. annaliza

    Are you kidding me? Lucky Charms and Wheaties are cultural icons!

    Weirdly enough, I don’t have any fabric with words on it in my stash. None. Huh.


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