Pollyanna Makes a Chocolate Pig of Herself

Lyda here. Anna-Liza asked for chocolate piglets, I found her chocolate piglets. Behold:

Let there be Chocolate Piglets! Wait, the piglets are inside the mom? Weirdness runs rampant in commerce. Film at 11.

Here is a more affordable chocolate pig.

And a whole variety of chocolate pigs in all kinds of poses. Scroll down to check out the pig-licking lollies. But the pig in a barrel seems a bit happy about stick placement, if you ask me. 

I bookmarked this site. Armadillos! Insects! Chocolate sewing machine! I so wish I’d found their Irish Claddagh chocolates  for the Irish Beauty’s wedding.  They  have Halloween chocolates – chocolate mummies and chocolate Frankenstein’s Monsters and chocolate pirates. But no chocolate zombies. Unfair!

But I digress…

And a review of a chocolate pig bar from Chocolate Obsession.

I found these chocolate piglets at Goddess Gift. You have to scroll down for the piggies.

As you do, you will see chocolate mice, chocolate frogs and bunnies, chocolate tropical fish, and my favorite – chocolate sardines.

Chocolate sardines just seem like a great Pythonesque thing, don’t ya’ll think?

Yes, “Pythonesque” is a real word.



3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Makes a Chocolate Pig of Herself

  1. HB

    disturbing.. sick.. someone with too much time on their hands buys a chocolate-mold machine.. take your pick ;P

  2. annaliza

    Wow. This is sort of along the lines of “be careful what you ask for”, isn’t it? I couldn’t eat through that many chocolate pigs in a year! I especially like the flying pig lolly.

    Sure “Pythonesque” is a word. I use it all the time. Is there someone who doesn’t?


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