Pollyanna – “Just the Blog Facts, Ma’am”

Lyda here.

We got our first Spanish spam comment on August 1st. We’re multilingually spammed!

And by the way – Spam!  

The Babblefish translation said the comment was asking for permission to use a sweater picture in an “academic textbook”. Heh. I said “Babblefish.”

Yeah. Right. “Academic textbook”. Is that what the kids are calling porn these days?

It must be one of these pics or this one – because those are the only sweater pictures on the blog. I checked. Yes, every picture. Obsess much? Yes. Yes, I do.

Uh, sorry, Anna-Liza. I deleted the comment as spam. I hope I haven’t ruined your chance at having your knitting featured in a fictitious academic textbook. Because surely fame and fortune would follow. And don’t call me Shirley. (Anna-Liza says, “I’ll live. Who wants fame and fortune? Oh, wait, I do. Fortune, anyway.)

And in other blog news:

As of 8/1/08, we have 30,275 hits, 484 posts, and 710 tags.

And 1550 non-spam  comments. Wow!! Thanks!

Ya’ll deserve silly walks.

Recent searches that led to our blog included:

  • “quilted pig tote bag” – I totally need to make one of those!
  • “zombie cakes” – I’m intrigued…
  • “i need to see squares in the world” – ’cause it’s hip to be a square
  • and of course, the lovely concept of “Bruce Willis scar”

Speaking of Bruce Willis – all Bruce, all the time – check out this great Justin Long “Live Free or Die Hard” promo interview. SERIOUS WARNING: This is totally unsuitable for work, kids, or the easily offended. No, I don’t care how cool your boss is. Just don’t do it.  Really, ya’ll. Not just language, but concepts ya’ll really do not want to have to explain to your kids. Or your boss. But really really funny.

But I’m still thinking about CAKE.

Here’s a Monster Cake that could easily be a Zombie Cake instead… although wouldn’t the frosting just get all over? Ooohhh… frosting all over…  Warning: the woman in the video seems to be one of the most frightening of all zombies – the MarthaZombie. Scary, kids!  But not as scary as this Martha.

Here’s a version of zombie cake. Including references to “Portal“. Which the Resident Sith Master recognized, not me. I’m such a n00b. The cake is a lie? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Here’s a Voodoo Zombie cake. The alcohol turns you into a zombie, I guess…

I found Zombie Cake Girl. Wow. I’m wearing pink. Weird.

Wait – I found it!


Also Bridezilla cake. And killer rats cake. Ya’ll probably do not want to see the very graphic thorax cake. Hello, I love “They’re Coming to Get You Barbara” – why have I not found this blog before? Horror movie reviews like this one (must see this movie!), humor, zombies, weird cake – it has it all!

A great zombie cake for the post-zombie-killing party, created by Eden Cakes. Who also created this XBox cake. Heh. I wonder why they no longer have the zombie cake on their website…?

A Hello Kitty Zombie cake. And ya’ll think I’m weird?  (Hey, if Hello Kitty vibrators exist, why not Zombie Cake?)

A zombie graveyard cake.

Those cakes are pretty elaborate. How about this simple yet very excellent Zombie Cake?

Maybe for Halloween we should do a Zombie Cake contest.

Stop me before I cake again!

Too late.



5 thoughts on “Pollyanna – “Just the Blog Facts, Ma’am”

  1. HB

    hehehe Lyda, I can’t tell if you like zombies or cake better..

    And, You should check this out:

    And this:

    And THIS:

    That covers LOLCats, Ninjas Vs. Pirates, AND Zombies, all in one (well 3) places! ;P

    Btw, are you a ninja or a pirate? I’d guess pirate, but you have a Sith Master in your home, which makes me think you are probably extra sneaky..which hints at Ninja..

  2. HB

    of course.. I ask that last after forgetting that I’d just read the whole ‘Talk like a Pirate-day’ post..


  3. annaliza

    Me, sometimes I’m a ninja, sometimes a pirate, and sometimes a cowgirl. Never a clown.

    So we got 4 views on the search “stereo cozy” and 2 on the search “are hummingbirds afraid of wind chimes” yesterday … I understand why someone searching on “stereo cozy” would find us, but why would they be searching for stereo cozies? And have we ever talked about wind-chime-phobic hummingbirds?

  4. lyda Post author

    ZOMBIE CAAAKKKEEEEE!! HB, I like to have my zombies and eat cake too.

    Wind-chime phobic hummingbirds: “I’m just flying along so fast those humans can’t see my wings, la la – wait, is that a bird or food? wait, what the hell. It’s a bird with some kind of horrible disfiguring condition… oh, god, it’s crying in anguish as it twists in the wind… NO! Fly away, fly away! (as it catches it’s breath in its nest) Crap, I’m gonna have to see my therapist again, aren’t I?”

    Heh. NOW we’ll get even more hits! Bwahahaha!

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