Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Baseball Fan

Hi, Anna-Liza here. Last night was the Stitch ‘n’ Pitch event at Coors Field. The Rockies were playing the Padres. As part of the package, we got Rockies caps with “Stitch ‘n’ Pitch” embroidered on the adjustable strap, a free ball of yarn from Highlands Ranch String, and a free copy of the Fall 2008 Interweave Knits. Except, of course, I already had mine so I didn’t take one. More for everyone else. Also, at one point toward the end of the game, a couple of women started throwing balls of yarn randomly around the Stitch ‘n’ Pitch section, too. I didn’t catch one, but I think they had labels on them advertising their website. The section was pretty full, but I have no idea how many Stich ‘n’ Pitchers were there. A lot of people brought spouses and kids, too. The little boy in front of me was crocheting something blue.

Coors Field is a gorgeous stadium, with a lot of amenities (I particularly liked the playground for little kids, even though I didn’t have the kids with me this time) and really comfortable seating, with back support and everything! Hey, these things are important to me. Everyone I met on the staff was friendly, too. I really liked the famous waterfall/woodland area:

This is really not news to anyone –Coors Field is well known as very beautiful stadium. But I’d never been inside before, so it was very fun to get to experience all of this for the first time.

We were in the purple row of seats,

 (I got there kind of early. Traffic wasn’t as bad as I had expected.)

which means we were officially at 5280 feet above sea level. It felt about a mile high above the field, too, but the view was dandy:

What I saw from a mile high

What I saw from a mile high


How it looked once everyone got there. Yes, that's my knitting on my lap.

How it looked once everyone got there. Yes, that's my knitting on my lap.

Other than folks from work,

Annie and her friend seem to have confused their sporting events.

Annie and her friend seem to have confused their sporting events.

I didn’t actually see many people I know. I saw Amy from Boulder SnB (and Ravelry), and I met Crafty LaDonna from Ravelry for the first time on the way back to my car. We met when we were dropping money into this guy’s music case:

He was playing "Stardust".

He was playing "Stardust".

Then again, there were a lot of people there and my fear of heights was just intrusive enough to keep me from wanting to wander around a whole lot. Besides, I was actually watching the game. There were a number of classic moments and some really exciting ones, including a home run courtesy of Chris Iannetta. Unfortunately, he also hit a line drive into the Padres’ third baseman’s glove. which fed the double play that ended the game with the bases loaded, just as the Rockies looked like they might actually pull it out. But no. They lost, 8-3. I had a good time anyway.


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine, Baseball Fan

  1. Red

    Genius and I were there! I can’t believe we missed you! And I was in Longmont today getting stood up for a date. I missed you twice in a weekend.

  2. Anna-Liza Post author

    Darn, Red! Next time you plan to be stood up in Longmont, let me know and I’ll see about keeping you company. And CraftyLaDonna, it was good to meet you, too!


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